Saturday, May 31, 2014

eShakti Dress Review

I was contacted by eShakti to try out one of their clothing styles.   How fun to try out an eShakti dress!

I must say that through this whole experience, the customer service was great.  I had a problem with the zipper on another dress and they happily accepted it back and allowed me to review this dress instead.  This is the belted biplane print dress.   The time from decision to shipping didn't take that long at all.  I believe it was about a week and a half.

One MAJOR thing I didn't realize until after I received the dress is the level of customization you can request.  If you go to this link, it explains all the levels of customization that you can do.    I didn't realize there were two tabs to select "a standard size" and "a custom size"on the tab bar when selecting options for your dress.  Had I realized this, I am sure it would have been like you were going to a tailor.    I would certainly do this with another dress in the future and not go with a standard size.  I had heard on other blogs about customization but I didn't realize this was to exact measurements.  I thought it was for dress length, neck type etc.     I didn't customize the shoulder and chest area, which I think would have helped me out, as I do think that just a bit less material around the shoulder/chest area would have been perfect for me.   But, I still very much like the dress and will wear it again in the future.

I wanted to show this dress in multiple ways.  It is such a great print.

Here is the dress without a cardigan:

It is a soft cotton dress with very cute biplanes.  A very retro vibe.  Although it wouldn't stop me from buying the dress, I do think that the belt will need to have an extra snap added to keep its position.  It does have a loop but I think it needs a slight bit more support.  But, if you have another red belt or would add a snap, I think this is a great idea to have a splash of red contrast.

I also must say that I love that they lined the dress in a thin cotton too so that it is not see through.

Here is what I did select:

A standard size, which I feel is true to size except maybe a little bit bigger in the bust area then I'd desire (but again you can have this adjusted if you select your exact measurements).  I selected height and a styling option.  I chose a short sleeve, knee length, and neck as shown.

Outfit Details:

Dress: eShakti
Brooch: ebay not sure how vintage it is but very lovely and goes well with the dress.
Shoes:  Swedish Hasbeens I bought them on their 70% off sale.   I love these shoes!  Haven't had a chance to do very long walks in them yet but so far they were comfortable and very stylish.

I also wanted to share how this dress would look without the belt.

This is such a fun pattern.  Also very nice that this dress has pockets.


  1. Omg that print! I didn't see that one! I love it! I have been close to buying a dress from them so many times but haven't yet. I hope to soon. I love that they have pockets and that you can customize. I love all the different ways you are showing how to wear it-how fun! Lovely photos mama! xox

  2. the print is great!!!! i like the eshakti dresses more and more. maybe one day i think about getting one ...

  3. Love your ensemble (red, white, & black is one of my favorite color combos), and what a neat print! Plus, pockets in a dress are just utter perfection for me.

  4. Seriously, so adorable! Thanks for including all the details-talk like the lining and customization and such. Being so small, I have a really hard time finding dresses, but that customization part may do the trick!
    And a 70% off Swedish Hasbeens sale?! Why don't I ever hear about this stuff? Your shoes are fabulous!

    1. I'll be sure to post a blog comment if I see the sale again:)

  5. I really love the print on that dress. I'm actually pretty tempted to see if I can hunt one down myself - my boyfriend builds model airplanes, and he would flip if he saw me wearing it.
    And I have to echo the above comment - Swedish Hasbeens for 70% off?! I feel like I can never find them on sale, I must keep an eye out for that. I've been lusting after them for the past few months, but I am just too cheap to buy them full price.

    1. I'll be sure to post a blog comment about it, if I do see them on sale again. I saw it on my FB feed and quickly ran to the sale. You had to be quick before they sold out. I also wanted a black pair but after placing the order they informed me that had sold out but so happy to have this red pair and a brown pair.

  6. the dress is gorgeous and I love how you styled it

    retro rover

  7. I definitely love how you styled it. And love the airplane print. I would love to have a dress or blouse in this print. I'm a bit of a plane geek.

  8. Wow I am just in love with that print and brooch!

  9. Lovely outfit. I love how all these colours matches perfectly together.