Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Steals, Deals, Are You Kidding Me?

This is a super cute dress and a 4H winner from 1951 if the waist wouldn't have been so small, I would have bid on it.  24 inch waist but a steal at $17.50

Big oops, forgot to bid on this one.  A steal at $46.  Also, seen in Mad Men in red.

Cute hat, interesting. Vibrant colors. 1940s  $17.50  Steal

Deco dress $166

Very lovely McCall 7901 pattern, 1930s  $48

Love this liquid satin dress gown, or even hostess gown.  Oh the details.  Gorgeous a steal at $80

I totally want one of these vintage striped straw hats.  Just lovely! $51

A very lovely hostess outfit 1950s only $50

Gotta throw in a Vogue Paris Original crazy at $255

Love this hat, 40s $76 New York Creation

Stunning 40s tilt hat that someone really wanted, quite pricey but a knockout  $175

Ceil Chapman dress a big steal at $61.

Love these Pictorial Review Patterns with the illustration and a model counterpart.  $22 and $14 respectively.

Audrey Hepburn inspired Givenchy pattern $140

Very cute 40s dress on $31

Crookes display with sunglasses  $31.  Wish I would have known about this auction before it ended.

I very much bet this was one of those rare Eisenberg Original sets that were attached to the dresses before they started to sell the jewelry separate.  Very reasonable auction end at $85.  There were a few small stones missing on the clips and buckle but still a very nice set.

My kind of tilt hat $100

This is a very interesting an auction and quite a steal for an Adrian with some documentation.  Although no label in the dress, very much looks like his style and had some wonderful memorbellia with it.  Originally started out as $3,000 auction but ended up selling for $500.

Anyone have one of these polar bears hanging around in Bakelite?   $1,141

I bought this very interesting 1950s dress to finish up for the tidy sum of  $11.50  The seamstress did not finish the hem or the side zipper.  So this gives me a chance to practice side zippers.


  1. The pattern prices are madness.
    You know I love a good brown/white combination, so of course I approve of the dress you purchased. The side zipper shouldn't be too much of a headache, but the waist sure does look like it has a lot going on. I can't tell from the photo, is that a belt? At any rate, for that price I'm sure you'll be able to do something with it, and the fabric is really pretty.

    I just bought a few, "fixer-upper" pieces myself, and as you say, it provides a chance to sharpen the sewing skills.

    I don't know why that dress is screaming, "big white hat" to me, but it is.

    1. You know I love this idea! When I get around to completing the dress I am going to photograph it with a big white hat:)

    2. The dress has this really interesting bodice detail that will get stitched to it when the zipper is put in. It really is interesting how the dress was never finished. I'd love to find the original pattern.

  2. These are all so very glorious!!! Is that first (red + floral) hat still available? I would absolutely love to get it (I think it would go fabulously with my new Italian print PUG skirt) if still is.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That's practically free for that amazing Chapman frock! Super lucky lady who scored it for such a deal.

    1. Unfortunately, all of these deals are auction sales:( A bit frustrating isn't it:) I look back on some of these Steals, Deals and wish I would have bid on some of them. That hat was an amazing deal. Maybe another Steals, Deals, "Get 'em Now" should be planned, this way people may stand a chance lol

  3. the first dress is awesome and it would be great if i had such a waist ;)
    xo Fräulein K.

    1. Had to be for a young girl probably learning how to sew and was so proud of her creation:)

  4. I love that first dress! And the cart with sunglasses is amazing. Too bad you missed it!

  5. Some lovely pieces, I really like the dress you bought. Great jewellery set too.

  6. Steals, indeed! These are all gorgeous! I'm totally in love with that red 40s hat; it's just amazingly fun!