Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Traveling Hat

The lovely Tanith Rowan is thinking about a hat design to travel the world.  I'm so very impressed with her lovely hats.  Take a moment to take a peak at her blog.

How fun to have a traveling hat!!!   She also has a Facebook page here.  Go ahead and give her a big like.  How could you not?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Did She Wear To The Firemen's Ball? 1947

I came upon this very lovely scrapbook filled with a few pages of patterns and some brief explanations and fabric swatches of the outfits.  Some of the patterns have pieces missing but I wanted to buy this because of the overall thought of this scrapbook.  The pattern pieces are included in a sleeve in each section.

Care to take a peak?

Caption:  Made this skirt in the fall of 1947

Caption:  Made this blouse in the fall of 1947, to go with the skirt.  Had  bit of a hard time with the collar.  (Note: also fabric swatch included)

Caption:  Made aprons for Christmas 1947.  Each one was different in color.  There are quite a few of these patterns available on Etsy.

Caption:  Started out the new year right with a new dress.  Worked on it until 10 o'clock New Years Eve.  Must be dazzling.  I caught Alex's eye and got a lot of compliments.

Caption:  Had to have a new dress for the Firemen's Ball,  February 9, 1948.  Went with Kenny Anthony, another success got a very nice compliment from him.  Dress is trimmed with gold buttons and gold belt.

I do wish we would have heard more on these lovely pattern creations from this lovely lady.  But, she must have given up on the scrapbook idea after this.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Steals, Deals, Are You Kidding Me?

This dress is really lovely and I was hoping it was going to go a bit cheaper but I can see why it didn't.  This would be a very interesting dress to study.  If a striped dress is made really well, you can tell.  $71

Vintage Novelty Fabric - Saul Steinberg 1.75 yards $67

1940s Lilli Ann suit $240

Scenic sundress $213

Large Bakelite Scottie collection! $363.  This is worth it considering the amount.  So cute!

1930s beach pajamas.  I'm still on the lookout for a pair but I think I might like a geometric type of design.  These were still a deal for a pair of highly coveted beach pajamas. $75

I like to show the Vogue Counter Book auctions because you get a sneak peak inside.  $165 not too bad of a price for a counter book 1952.

Super cute polka dot dress in medium sold for $43

Vogue Counter Book 1950  $315  I think in worse shape than the one above.

1940s novelty print robe. $237  

Jacques Fath ball gown Joseph Halpert. $1,865

Super swanky Vogue pattern $49, love this design.

Vogue Paris Original Patou  $209

Very cute peplum blouse 40s  $38

$265 crazy awesome Bakelite purse.  Worth every penny.

Very cute dress worn by Dita herself $280.  Actually thought it would go higher.

1950s silk dress  $40.  This really is a beauty.  Look how well it is all aligned!

Um, yes this Jacques Fath pattern did sell for $363

Yes, there is a need for McCall's to release some 30s patterns.  This one sold for $264

Lovely 1930s dress $34

So what is something that I've bought recently?  That's a steal..

30s blouse, oh so cute!  $15

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Olga With Love

I've been on the hunt for novelty prints with kind of a mid-century artistic vibe.  I do believe I found this in this fabric below.  It's so bazaar that it kind of draws you in to take a closer look.    I'm planning an upcoming post on where art and textiles converge.   Did you know that even Andy Warhol designed fabric for a short time?  I also find it fascinating when I see in vintage fashion magazines how fine art was used as a backdrop to present fashion.  There really was a strong correlation in the artistic movement of the times and mid-century fashion.  So much more than I would find today.

I wanted to share with you a recent purchase.  I'm not sure what this fabric should turn into.  What do you think?  I was thinking it should be partnered with a pattern from around 1949/1950.  The dilemma is what type of outfit to make as this is a very bold print to say the least.

What also drew me to this fabric, is that I could date it!  It came with an original receipt:)  This fabric was stored very well and the colors are vibrant.   This fabric was purchased from Olga in Mexico in August of 1949.  The lady (or gentleman) that purchased this fabric paid $8.50 for it.  This would equal around $81.   It has a linen type of weave to it.   It's very primitive in the pattern.  I'm quite sure Matisse and Picasso would approve.   I very much wonder what this fabric was originally intended to make.  Maybe even some curtains?  This fabric has character.  I'm sure there are some underlying themes to this fabric.  It's a total doodle type of theme  You have this man hunting with a spear and then this other kind of freaky face that looks like it was zapped with something atomic.  Think this fabric was even too bazaar for curtains?

So, what do you see as a good use for this fabric?

Swedish Hasbeens

I've blogged about Swedish Hasbeens in the past and got a great deal on mine and there were a couple of you who wished you knew about the sale so I thought I'd spread the word on this one.  They are having a sale as we speak for even USA customers.  Go check them out:)


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Traveling Dress Update

Sending out a blog post to let you all know I sent an email of the agenda of the traveling dress, if you didn't get this email, please let me know.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catching Up - Vacation Highlights

Playing catch up…

We took a two week trip to California and Nevada to visit Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe.  It was a great experience for us.  The highlight of my trip was seeing the wonderous Sequioa trees.  They were breathtaking and honestly you can't visualize the grandeur of these trees in pictures.  Some of these trees were close to 2000 years old.  Think about where we were 2000 years ago!  You can just feel the wisdom in these trees.  The park was going through a drought when we were there and we learned after returning that there has also been a wildfire in the park.  I do hope they are able to get some rain to this forest.  The park is very large and a lot of people go there to camp.  I can't tell you how many rental RV's we saw.   The park is kept in tip top condition and very clean and naturioustic.  Highly recommend this destination.  After spending about six days at a nice hotel near Yosemite, we drove to Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is a very special alpine lake and has tremendous beauty.  It is something you'll always remember seeing.  The last time I was at Lake Tahoe was about 12 years ago.  It used to be a place I wanted to retire too but it isn't low key like it used to be.  It has become quite busy.  I know we were there during the tourist season and I'd still recommend this place as a destination.  The benefit of having been there before was that I remembered an extra special place we stayed at and were able to stay there again.  This was the highlight for my children playing on a beautiful sandy beach with wonderfully clear water to swim in.  The first night we arrived in Lake Tahoe we had to stay at a small local "hotel" because our favorite place was full.  We didn't expect much and knew it would just be for one night but man-o-man was I happy to get out of this place after one night!  It was the pits, even though it was also on the beach on the other side of the lake.  It had the most awful smell and I was sure to keep our suitcases zipped...didn't want any critters crawling in.   But, you know with the bad, it totally makes you appreciate the good.  After staying there just one night, I was so happy to stay at our next lovely accommodation spot photographs from just below.

I'd have to say of 50s skirts, paneled full skirts are my favorite.  This "Love Letters" skirt is my star skirt I own.  I'm still on the quest to add some "new" vintage blouses to my wardrobe.

Scenic Highlights:

Lake Tahoe


More from Lake Tahoe:

This dress below I actually bought thinking it was a "Surf N Sand" dress but I got duped.   Whose fault not sure?  I knew it wasn't a typical style for the brand but I thought they might have been trying something different.  To the sellers credit they did say "Surf & Sand" and I didn't catch this difference.  Still I assumed it was a label dress.    It's actually a handmade dress that wasn't listed as such.  So, why didn't I return it?  I tried it on and didn't really do a detailed check.  Once I tried it on, I thought it looked really nice then when I went on vacation I realized that it wasn't a label dress.  So, I know I overpaid, but still can get enjoyment from the dress.