Thursday, December 4, 2014

Carolyn Schnurer and Gifts From Relatives

For Thanksgiving, I wore a 1950s Carolyn Schnurer wool skirt.  There are so many details in the construction of this skirt that would not make it into a department store skirt of today.  The skirt has a lining and also has a layer of mesh type fabric to give the skirt a flow.  The skirt is in excellent condition.  $30 on ebay.  A steal if you ask me!   The blouse was a gift from my aunt and it belonged to her mother in law.  The necklace was my grandmothers.  It is nice when you receive gifts of older relatives that were of the period.  This doesn't happen to me too often and is so nice when it does.

Shoes are by Miz Mooz.  It isn't easy to find reproduction top strap shoes.  I find with vintage strappy shoes the top straps are quite delicate so it is great to have a reproduction pair to walk about in.

Here is what I call my "radar" dress for Carolyn Schnurer.   This is the dress I hope will come up for sale at a decent price so that I may buy it.  I also have a Pinterest board on Carolyn Schnurer too. :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress - New England In The Fall

Our lovely dress has paid a visit to Emily of Emily's Vintage Visions  Please go check out her blog post.    She was so kind to do a photo shoot at the end of October even considering her recent wedding and all the time and planning this took:)   Emily looks fabulous in this dress amidst the last echoes of fall.

The setting is the backdrop of New England in the fall.  She styled the dress so charmingly and her hair is beautifully set.  The coat is an excellent match for the dress.  Please click on the link to see more.
Thank you Emily!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Lilli Ann Ramble

I hope you don't mind if I ramble more about Lilli Ann.  Even though this is the creme de la creme line for me, there are times when I'll buy a jacket or a suit and it doesn't fit well.   One thing to keep in mind with a vintage suit is that it isn't like nowadays where you walk in a shop try it on and buy it.  These ladies had their suits tailored.  It was all about structure and form.   I've been fortunate to see many different varieties of Lilli Ann suits so it isn't a total disappointment when they don't fit correctly as it is still a joy to see the tailoring and fabric style in person.  It is kind of like they stop in for tea on their way to their new homes.

I think it is easier to find a well fitted coat than a suit.    I wanted to share with you a remarkable jacket that if it would have fit correctly, I would have kept it.   I tend to pass forward the clothing that doesn't fit me well, including Lilli Ann.  I haven't yet been to a tailor to adjust a vintage suit and not to say this wouldn't happen in the future but I feel like with a jacket the adjustments are much more complex than with a cotton dress.

I took a few pictures of this jacket for remembrance sake.  It had exquisite details and the white against the navy was certainly a dramatic effect.  But, it was slightly too big.   Certain angles it is difficult to see, others it is quite obvious.

This jacket was beautiful the white stripe effect so well done.

Would you like a sneak peak at my latest Lilli Ann jacket?  I'm just waiting for the right brown skirt to come along.  <Fingers crossed>

A really lovely detail is how under the lapel is a white satin fabric.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Border Novelty Prints - Aprons

With the explosion of prices in novelty print skirts a still affordable fun option for vintage novelty prints are aprons.   I thought I'd share some on the market with you.  There are also some very cute prints I haven't seen before as skirts.  There are a lot of holiday theme'd aprons on the market right now and some are so greatly priced.

Cats and trash cans 




Snowmen and Candy Canes

Kittens and Candy Canes

Scenic Ride

$64,000 question, this one is great but is $50    Maybe I'll find the fabric for this one day.

I had to then go on a hunt for the $64,000 question novelty prints... here is another.

Then, I saw an ad for $64,000 prints.  How fun are these?
via What I Found.  Now, I must find some to make a dress out of!

So, of course I was inspired by my own blog post, I bought this apron..

Friday, November 14, 2014

She Has Got The Look - Handmacher Suits

I thought it might be fun to start a series where I show you a vintage ad and I scour the internet for similar items that might make up this look.

Here's our first look:  Handmacher  Suitmaker.    Only $30 or in today's money about $270  not too bad for a quality suit.

These are great vintage suits that are very reasonably priced.  I'd suggest one of these suits for someone not looking to pay a ton of money and wanting a quality vintage suit.

If you'd like a little history on Handmacher, please visit Couture Allure.
Here's the ad from Vogue August 1951:

Let's first tackle the suit:

For a lovely blazer deadstock, only $20!  This blazer suits the look to the left with a Peter Pan type of collar just doesn't have the skirt.

There are quite a few Handmacher suits available on Etsy and Ebay but I thought I would style the best "deal" out there.  It ended up being black.  I was hoping for a beige but let's go for the deal.  This is indeed a deal! This particular suit has a lapel line and would look great with the look to the right (see ad above).    Can I also say a word about the lapel line?  It isn't easy to create such rounded edges.  Beautiful scalloped detail!

Via RubyLane  only $60  Looks just like the lady in the ads suit <big pat on back>.

Off to style the necklace and earrings,  it looks like there is kind of a double row of different types of pearls.  Very neat idea.

My opinion is that the top strand might be a wire chocker.

This is another option and although priced at  $35.00 there are other things in the set making it a good value.

This might work nicely for the bottom layer only $7.00 via Etsy.

Here's an option for the top layer.  $8.00 via Etsy.

Pearl screw back earrings $7.75 via Etsy.

Now on to the hat:

If you were going for the suit on the left, you might select this hat.  Only $12

Since our suit is in black, I would think a pop of color would be warranted in this example.  

I thought for a little pop of color this hat might be nice only $28

This hat also would be great with this suit at $73.50 from Garbohvintage

White gloves, these look to be cotton hand stitched.

$13 via ebay

Taking all of the "deal" items our total look would cost.  $146.  Not too bad for a suit, hat, gloves, and accessories.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Latest Sewing Project Novelty Skirt

Vintage novelty mania continues. There are so many fun and interesting prints out there from the 1950s.   Feel free to also check out  my Pinterest board on Novelty Prints.

A couple weeks ago a very grand skirt appeared at Adored Vintage. It really is a beauty and quickly sold.  I realized that I also had this fabric style in a different color scheme and seeing it made into a skirt inspired me to start work with my fabric.  I acquired this fabric in a trade from another novelty print fan guru.   Set with this inspiration, I decided to tackle a pleated skirt.  I also bought a very nifty vintage pleating gadget similar to this.  This is quite useful and creates perfectly spaced pleats.  My problem was that I didn't have enough fabric to have "perfectly spaced pleats"  so I also ended up fudging it a bit.  This was also my first attempt at not following a pattern and although a basic skirt I did mess up slightly on the binding but rather than repleat I decided to just leave as is and chalk it up to experience on the next skirt.   The flaw is on the interior so it really isn't seen when worn.   I also used a vintage metal zipper.

Vintage metal zippers are not easy to find in skirt size.  So, I've also been hunting for these.  I just bought a few in rare black and white and when I got them they had a kind of green tarnish on them.  It's not worth the expensive of returning but these really are not usable.  I think that if I spend all this time and effort on making something that the vintage notions really should be "like new".   It would be a pain to put it all together only to find out you had zipper problems.  The zipper I used in this skirt was a Coats metal zipper that came in this cute little plastic container.   I really like these but again difficult to find in 7" size and you also have to be aware of color tone too.  I also kind of have a bit of "vintage snobbery" when it comes to metal vs nylon.  I wonder about the durability of vintage nylon zippers.

Also, looking back I think it might have been nice to stabilize the waist band more.  I read on Lauren's blog about how she uses a ban roll.  Still haven't ordered some of this but looks like a great thing to have.

It was a fun project to make.  I did spend more time than anticipated on this skirt because the best thing about making things yourself is that you can tailor them to how you like them.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the print?   It dawned on me that it might also be a little Thomas Kinkade in theme?   This skirt deserves a visit to the Thomas Kinkade galleries.  I wonder if they even have these anymore.   It's kind of like with Thomas Kinkade you visualize a whole lifestyle.  In seriousness, I really do like the theme of English Cottages.    So, the verdict is still out.
Do any of you have this print or have you seen it for sale?  One of the great things about making your own skirt in vintage fabric is that the patterns are very vivid.  It can be quite disappointing when you spend a lot of an already made novelty skirt and you get it with a washed out type of look.  Novelty print skirts can be quite expensive to buy nowadays.

I decided to try this skirt out with a little bit of crinoline.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Steals, Deals, Are You Kidding Me?

Opps, forgot to bid on this one!  Check out the draping on this gem!  $70 a steal.  1940s rayon.

1950s metallic lame cocktail dress.  $23!  A sure holiday party winner

Another beautiful rayon 1940s dress.  $71

1950s floral gem, love the wrap effect but went quite high!  A beauty though.  $220

A double take.. $338 for Vogue 1930s pattern.  Maybe it shall make an appearance on a future runway.  

I like to follow the Vogue Paris Original Patterns, when I get the opportunity.  This one sold for $215.

Vogue Jacques Fath Paris Original $180

A very pretty novelty print dress for only $20!  Wish I would have bid on this one too!

A very fabulous jacket by Hattie Carnegie.  Check out all the details.   It was also a larger size 38 bust 30 waist.  Only $57.

Anyone have the Elvis guitar skirt?  These ones seem to go for quite a bit.  $177

Very pretty McCall 1930s pattern beautiful!  I thought a reasonable price at $34

I bought this Scottie pin...I think it might be a Schultz.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  If not, still cute regardless.  $31

I love these types of geometric deco inspired bags.  This one sold for $51

A silent gasp from the audience... check out this beauty... a rare sighting of a Jacques Fath couture gown!  From Paris!  Not a Joseph Halpert Fath.  I'd love to wear this gem.  $1,399.

4 yards of Saul Steinberg print fabric.  It wasn't even listed as such.  The eagle eyes have it at $79.  Lovely print. 

Now would Steals, Deals be complete without a Lilli Ann entry?  Here we have it, a lovely red suit just in time for the holidays.  $283.. about what I'd expect for an auction, I think if this were listed as a BIN or on etsy, it would be in the $400 range.

This skirt had a lovely print but went for a premium at $168.  Paris is in demand as a novelty print, believe me I know!

Another Lilli Ann sighting. Very reasonably priced at $127 for a late 40s Lilli Ann.  I think since it was a light color and there were a couple of very small smudges and a small stain this detracted from it going higher.  It's a difficult color and amazing it still looks this great given it is from 1949.

I thought this was an interesting hat.  Some angles looks like a turban, other it has a longer drop side. I bought this one for $25.