Sunday, February 15, 2015

Manhattan Vintage Show

Outfit Details:
Suit: Lilli Ann
Brooch: Recently purchased rhinestone scissor because of inspiration from ad just below
Hat: Schiaparelli purchased a few years ago

I always enjoy a good visit to the MVS.   There are so many different genres represented and it so nice to see the textiles up close.  I met up with the lovely Daffny of AVintageNerd.   We had a great time wandering around the booths looking at the vintage and speaking with some of the vendors.

Here is Daffny in a beautiful coral coat.  I hope she buys it.  She took the card of the vendor to see if she might purchase it in the future.

It was so neat to run into the fashion savvy   Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.  These are two remarkable ladies who are very inspiring.

Check out the lovely rayon prints.

As you can see in my previous post, I had to walk away with this Saul Steinberg print.  It's a beauty!  I also walked away with a lovely 1940s black blouse with gold motif print.  

The lovely Heather at Noble Savage holding a dress that was in Boardwalk Empire.  I'm going to miss that show.  They were actually starting to get into the fashion period I really like!

We also bumped into Laura of PaperMothBallVintage.

This was one of the last items I purchased.  When I looked at it, I thought it might not fit but it is a little tight but I think this is the style of the period.  Love it none the less and will pair well with a black skirt.

We ended our day at a wonderful restaurant called Tea and Sympathy which has stellar English food.  We had to wait in a line outside but it was so worth it!  So great!  You can also see more photographs on my Instagram.  Link to the side.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Novelty Prints

 I'm kind of skipping ahead and showing you one of the items that I bought from the Manhattan Vintage Show.  In my next post, I'll share images from the show where I also met up with the lovely Daffny from AVintageNerd.  We had a great day and she is so much fun to hang out with. Stay tuned!
Today, it snowed and I was excited to try out this great skirt.  It is of trains and Paddington Station.    I'm still amazed this skirt lasted two days at the show.  But, hey, I'm not complaining!  It's getting more and more difficult to find affordable novelty prints.

The brooch is also a new addition.  I knew when I saw it, I'd love it.  It also gave me the chance to learn about some swing bands of the late 30s.

The orange marble bakelite bracelets on the ends are rather interesting.  I didn't know they made bakelite bracelets to specifically serve as end pieces.  They are rounded on one side and flat on the other.  A lucky auction win for me $40 for three, two end pieces and a center.  

The names on the brooch are Sammy Kaye, Eddy Duchin, and Gene Krupa.  I'm thinking this is a late 30's brooch.

Gene Krupa was the drummer on one of my very favorite swing songs…

More detailed images of the novelty belt:

This is also the very first time I have worn a cinch belt from the 50s.  It's like battling a corset.  But, now I totally get it.  At first it can be a bit uncomfortable but you get used to it.  I think it takes a couple inches off your waist.  This belt is rather special too because it features magazine covers of the day including hand painted Bazaar and Vogue covers.  Totally me!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress - New Travels

Some updates to the glorious places our dress has been traveling.  Sorry, I've been a little backlogged on this.

The lovely Cori Lynn at Poodles and Pin Curls, this dress got to visit Hawaii!!!!  Cori Lynn just totally outdid herself.  I want to be this dress!!!  She is also the queen of Bakelite and had some great accessories to match.  Oh the beaches and the scenery.  I had no idea such a beautiful temple existed in Hawaii.  Please go visit her blog and leave her a lovely comment.  You also will be blown away.

I literally want to cut and paste myself into these images:)

This dress really has had some very fun and wonderful journeys and memories and I thank all of you for participating in this adventure.  After spending some time in Hawaii, our dress was very lucky to dash off to Chicago:)  I am going to keep saying this.  I want to be this dress!

Our fine dress was wanting a nice twirl and dance by the lovely Jessica of ZellaMaybe.  She is a modern day Cindy Sherman.

I know Jessica had to think this was coming that I would use this photograph:)  Love the leg kick.  You ladies really make vintage inspiring and bring back the fun and joy of it all.  I love seeing this journey this dress is on.  Thank you!  Love it!

I love the photograph with the neighborhood dog!

Soon our dress will be making its way to Canada and then International.  We have one more US destination to go.

If you are in Canada and want to participate, drop me a line below.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sewing With Rayon

I'm making it a goal to make a blouse from rayon.  I'd like this to be my next sewing project.  Do any of you have any tips or tricks you use when sewing with vintage rayon?  I'd appreciate any and all thoughts on the subject.  Do you cut your rayon with tissue underneath to avoid slipping?  Do you use a special needle?  Do you prewash?  Do you do anything special when sewing?

Thank you!!!  All tips and tricks welcome.

P.S.  has anyone done bound button holes on rayon or silks?  Boy, that sounds tricky!  I think I might skip this part of the blouse idea.

A big salute to rayon, until I become frustrated at the slippery nature:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress Travel Updates!

Updates to our wonderful dress journey!  You ladies are all wearing it so well!!!  And, all these great accessory ideas.

Goody at EatTheBlog also choose to also introduce us to her much loved wombat.  This wombat is very special as he even gets to wear booties from 1935.   I love how all you ladies have different inspiration for this dress.   Spectator shoes and pink tights, love it :)  I actually have an ad somewhere for colorful tights that were from the 1930s...I'll have to see if I can find it.  But, onto the lovely dress...

Update….  found the article from a mid-1930s fashion magazine..

A stop in Texas, In Our Happy Place.  I love how Marie partnered this dress with a lovely textured sweater.  Modern meets vintage:)  Very lovely!

Thank you ladies!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dreaming In Color Blocks In The 1940s And My Dream Dress

Do you ever have times when you browse through vintage styles and you think, "that's nice" and move on?  Then, could be years, you come back to the same idea and think I really like this.  Just like in modern fashion, ideas and styles come in and out and you may not think too much of them, you appreciate them but don't really look too detailed,  but then at some point in the future they grab your attention.

Well, color block styles of the 1940s have keenly come back onto my visual radar.

I came across the image of the very beautiful Lola Lamour in a color block dress.  This my friends is a dream dress.  I'd sell a Lilli Ann for this one!   If I see a dress like this in the future (or if you do), please let me know.  I'm on a mission!  I haven't seen a vintage pattern that is similar to this.  The collar area looks very tricky to accomplish.  Oh this dress is amazing!

Once I saw this picture, I was inspired and it got me thinking any other grand color block designs out there?

Lola Lamour fan page.  You should also check out more of Lola's website she really has this eye for capturing glamour of the 1940s and you wonder how and where she found her wardrobe.  Also, she has that beautiful 1940s charm about her.

Of course, this amazing color block from The Aviator of Kate Beckinsale.

And, the amazing recreation from MyHappySewingPlace!  It's fascinating how she found the pattern to match this composition.  I love the triangle "keyhole" look.  Oh my that hat too!!!  Such a talented lady!

Photography PSD photography please do not copy without permission of Debi (MyHappySewingPlace)

Photography PSD photography please do not copy without permission of Debi (MyHappySewingPlace)

Photography PSD photography please do not copy without permission of Debi (MyHappySewingPlace)

I have one color block dress from 1946 and below is the corresponding ad via MyVintageVogue.  Images are from a couple of years ago.  I do still have this grand dress and maybe it just might deserve another reshoot with a better camera.  I believe this was one of my first vintage to actual matches.

Color block dresses and patterns:

Amazing color block dress from Raleigh Vintage, unfortunately sold!

Color block dress via Pinterest.  Unable to link was an ebay auction.

Perfection in color blocking Adrian ad via MyVintageVogue!

Via Tumbler  Horst, Vogue February 1946.  I think this may even be black and white and the light source a soft blue. Grand photography!

Looking for nice color block patterns?  Keep these in mind…