Friday, October 25, 2013

What's On Your Wish List?

I thought I'd share this two page spread of vintage treasures from Elizabeth Arden.  I neglected to get the date on this two page spread.  I'll have to see if I can find it.  I'm thinking late or mid 40's.  These two images are from loose fashion magazine pages that were separated from their original binding.

I do think it's quite sad when vintage fashion magazines are torn apart to resell for a few key ads and I know personally that I wouldn't tear apart a book to resell a couple of ads as I like to keep things intact.  But, if I do see auctions that list bunches of images from vintage fashion magazines, I do like to bid on them as I think the best way to preserve the memory is to then scan in these images.  I figure then we can all get to enjoy them as sometimes buying a whole vintage fashion magazine can be very pricey.  I'm into the late 30's right now and boy are these super expensive.  So, I'm sure I wouldn't have seen a lot of images in these loose pages if I would have had to wait for a decent priced version of the book to show up.

Now onto this great ad for Elizabeth Arden.  I love this because you can see what the prices were for some of these gems.  I would love one of these travel cases, how about you?

Now of course I had to scope out ebay and etsy to see if some of these items might be for sale.

Number 13.  Elizabeth Arden Dusting Powder Puff Puff.  Retailed for $1.50.  On ebay for $12.99.  Not a bad price indeed.  Very curious of the smell.  Do any of you use vintage perfumes or cosmetics?

Number 21.  Elizabeth Arden  My Love Perfume (many different prices).  Currently, $36 ebay.

Number 28.  Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Heart shaped soap $3.50.  Isn't this lovely?  Unfortunately, it has sold.  But, it makes you remember when having nice soaps in the bathroom wasn't uncommon. Sold for a BO price.  Original listing was $54.

Number 30.  Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Soap. 3.50 then now  $26.99 or BO

Number 47.  This purse is very similar to the one in the ad.  On Etsy for $10.  Originally sold for $39.50.  Okay, so I bought it, yep got caught up by the ad:)   But, I figure this is a great buy to see what it's like.  I know it's not exactly like the ad but it pretty much references the look and time period.

Wouldn't it be great if I could one day find "modern" images of all these great items in this ad?  Maybe I'll come back to this post and periodically update it.


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    A while ago I saw someone selling seperate Lutterloh patterns torn apart from a patternbook on Ebay or Etsy. Can't remember which one it was. For me it feels like desecration.

    Love your bag!

  2. That purse is so classically lovely. Had you not pounced on it, and it was still available, I think I might have. Wonderful finds one and all. I'd love to build up a collection of vintage beauty products (I have an uber small number now, but not really enough to call them a collection by any stretch of the imagination) one day, and to display them on the (vintage) vanity/dressing table I daydream about having room for in a future house.

    Tons of hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you ladies! I find it fascinating to see the actual tangible goods "today". It's like a big scavenger hunt. I'd love to see one of those train cases! Gosh, they are lovely!

  4. I want it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Lovely Joanna.

  5. I do love those traveling cases for toiletries!! So pretty! Those ladies knew how to travel. I have an obsession with vintage luggage.

  6. Great buy on the purse. Bargain!

  7. So exciting to see your EBay finds after looking at the adverts. I like number 48, the brocade evening bag.

  8. Such pretty, ladylike things! UGH! You're making me want to go on an ebay spree!

  9. I happen to have a red leather case as shown in the top photo. Also have some of the original Elizabeth Arden bottles..... Any idea how I could find out the value of them. ALL in EXCELLENT to mint condition!