Monday, April 21, 2014

Polka Dots

Yesterday, I broke out a spring dress.   Finally, the weather is getting warmer.   This is the first time I have worn this dress.  I bought it off of ebay awhile back and I remember it being quite cheap.   It's made from silk from the 1950s.  As I was wearing the dress through the afternoon, I thought it's an okay dress, not extremely special.  Then it dawned on me that the thing I wished was better was the skirt length, so then I pulled back the dress and noticed around 4 inches of length had been taken up.  I was happy to know that the dress had not been cut but only hemmed up.

Outfit details:

Dress:  50s from ebay, Miss Elynn Original
Bracelets:  Bakelite variety of sources, light green polished by BrighterBakelite
Necklace: ebay
Hairclip: Etsy
Ring:  50s mosaic vintage shop Michigan
Shoes:  Naturalizer

When I got home, I undid the hem and voila, I like it much better.   Here's a picture of the dress before I hem it up slightly.  It looks so much better at its original length.  Now off to hem the dress to it's "correct" length:)


  1. I actually quite like it after you took out the hem. I prefer longer lengths. I'm not a huge fan of my legs, but mainly I like the modesty of the 1950s longer length hemlines. Tea length is a favorite of mine, I wish I could find more with it.

  2. The original length is nicer than the length when you first got it, I think... I'm sure it will look perfect once you've re-hemmed it to your preferred length.

  3. The original length is nicer than the length when you first got it, I think... I'm sure it will look perfect once you've re-hemmed it to your preferred length.

  4. Luckily you're able to get the original hem length back! Love this dress! Very cute!

  5. What a beautiful dress! And I also quite prefer it at the longer length. I love how you matched your lovely Bakelite bangles with the polka dots! It really brings the whole outfit together. :-)

  6. It changes the dress entirely when it is the longer length and I think the shape is much better like that.

  7. So much better at this legnth- it's su ch a relief when people just hem up rather than chopping!
    I like the contrast between the black and apple green and polka dots always look so smart on you. xx Shauna

  8. Like everyone else, I'll chime in to agree that the original length is Have you tried wearing anything beneath it for fullness? At the longer length it looks like it could take a smallish petticoat.

    1. I put a small petticoat in at the long length, but when it is hemmed correctly I will experiment some more with it:) It's interesting how just this bit of change in length changes the dress style.

  9. Love it either way, but the longer hem is even nicer, I agree. It hits right at what I think is the most flattering spot on my own calves, so that makes me adore it all the more. Great job of returning this hem to its (presumably, I doubt it would have been made with a 4" hem from the get go) original length.

    You look so pretty in this lovely combination of navy and green.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I adore polka dots! I may be a little dot mad, but I can never resist spots. Your dress is very sweet and I definitely like the longer length.

  11. What a fabulous color of green! And I love it much better at the longer length! It is much better suited for the dress and era!


  12. Oh, those extra few inches from the hem make a HUGE difference. I love the dress and the accessories you've paired it with, green is one of my very favorite colors.

  13. Wow. What a fabulous dress. Love the green with the black, and you did a wonderful job sewing it together!