Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress Traveling To New Destinations!

After our vintage dress  left the lovely Kristen,  the dress made a stop with the very chic Whitney at LittleHeapVintage.  I love how she was able to add her personal touch to this dress.  She gave it a casual yet whimsical spin.   She paired this dress with moccasin looking boots.  She could take this dress on even a nice hike in the woods, if she choose.  Her backdrop is urban.  You know what I love about Whitney is that she isn't afraid to take chances with her wardrobe.  If you also take a look back at her other posts, you'll see a variety of wonderful vintage outfits!  She even did a take on the "bar suit", just like me.  Great minds think a like:)

After leaving Whitney, our faithful dress has paid a stop with Stephanie, of The Girl With A Star- Spangled Heart.

The beautiful Stephanie, chose to style the dress withe floral accents in her hair and black with period black gloves, belt, and shoes.  Stephanie is a seamstress so it was nice to see her take on what she saw in the details of this dress.  There is a softness to Stephanie's interpretation of the dress.   I keep being drawn back to the lovely soft purples in her hair flowers.  Her husband is a photographer so of course, her photographs are amazingly done:)  Beautiful, dear Stephanie!

Thank you ladies for participating in this adventure.  You both look so splendid in the dress and I am having such fun seeing the interpretation of this dress.  Well done ladies!

Please other readers, take a stop on by to their blogs and leave them a wonderful comment.  I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!


  1. Such a lovely series! I am really enjoying seeing everyone rendition of this dress!! xox

  2. So much fun. I am really enjoying visiting everyone's blogs and seeing how radically different they style it.

  3. l hope this becomes a tradition in the vintage community, it's such a great idea

  4. Oh, this is awesome! Thank you for the update, I've been wondering who else had received the dress now. I will definitely be dashing over to their blogs to check them out.

  5. Is this still happening. I LOVE this idea and would love to know how to take part. I've worn vintage since high school and have a vintage swing dance blog as well as a new vintage fiction novel ghost story collection. In fact one of my stories is about a vintage dress! If you're looking for more wearers, I raise my hand!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

  6. I want to play! Please let me know how I can participate!