Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sisterhood of the Vintage Dress -New York City

The vintage dress has paid a visit to the lovely Paper Mothball Vintage  .  Please go check out her blogpost all about it.  Laura really is vision of timeless glamour and I'm so thrilled she was apart of this journey.  I could quite see her being photographed by John Rawlings.  I love the spirit she captured in her photography of the vintage dress.  Beautiful!


  1. wow looks just like a vogue shoot

    retro rover

  2. Utterly stunning! She looks as though she could have just step out of the pages (if not straight off the cover!) of a mid-century edition of Vogue. It's so immensely fun to see the dress hop around the US and be styled in so many inspiring, beautiful, and very diverse ways.

    ♥ Jessica