Sunday, October 21, 2012

Window Shopping

One thing I am fascinated by is looking at the window displays and inside department stores from the 50's and before.   I haven't been able to see many department stores from the interior from a vintage perspective.  If anyone knows a website or photographs to look at, please let me know.

I found the below images from the Library of Congress:

Bergdorf window displays 1938.  It's not too often we can take a sneak peak back and look at window displays.  Fascinating.  I wish we could even have a closer sneak peak just as these ladies are having:)

You wonder what some of these women are thinking as they are looking at the displays.

Meeting of Chrysler Girls  Club at Saks store in Detroit Michigan 1942.  Would you like to have your hand in that stash of bags?  It is funny how times change. It's amazing how clean and fresh the streets appear in this images.  I don't really think I'd like to be walking around most streets in Detroit nowadays.  I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and understand how there is so much character to Detroit.  There are some fantastic buildings and homes in the city that now sit as shells.

How about a  look into the Lilly Dache residence 1949?

I think I'd quite like a hat stand like this one!


  1. Oh my gosh, I wish I could go back in time! We need to work on that. ASAP.

  2. Ok, this is just eerie (in a good way!), I was thinking about doing a post on this very topic in the near future, too! Your roundup of images far surpasses those I have bookmarked or pined at the moment though, and I'm happy instead to just daydream (over these amazing yesteryear window displays) and doff my hat to you on this stellar post.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh I hope you do a post about this:)) I'd love to hear your perspective!

  3. Joanna, I was searching Modcloth and found these cute comic socks and thought of you...

    And they're a great price!!

    1. I'm going to order a pair:) Thank you Sean!