Monday, June 24, 2013

"Look West Fine Sailor, It's On To 1947 We Go."

I'm not exactly sure why but fate seems to point me to the year 1947 as well as 1938.  I'm also keen on the early 50's too but I don't think I have a set year for the 50's.    Do any of you have a favorite year?

I have a few things to tie up before I begin my next sewing project.  There is this lovely rayon beach skirt I bought that needs a new hem so this will give me a great opportunity to work with rayon.  This I hope to do this week.  I also think it could benefit from a zipper instead of snaps.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you 1947 sewing styles.

My next sewing project fate has dropped in my lap so I'm going with it.  I originally thought I should do another reproduction pattern but what the heck...let's try a vintage one.  If I become completely confused, I'll just come back to it.  I am going easy on myself and tackling a skirt.  I really want to work with rayon but I'm not sure if I'll get there with this skirt.  I have to think on it some more.

I liked the look of this skirt on this particular pattern as the lines seem simple and can still introduce me to new concepts.  I had no idea this pattern was 1947 until I got the pattern and saw this year noted on the back of the envelope.  I'm not quite sure about the seam line going right in the middle, maybe I might be able to move this to the side.

So, the year 1947 it is and my-o-my what a grand year it was!  This is the year that Dior introduced the New Look.  When I page through fashion magazines of this year, many flashes of "ohh's and ahhh's zip and zap through my mind.

The pattern envelope has simple solid colors but I was thinking I might try a print.  The pattern is in really good shape and was not expensive so I'm happy to start out my first vintage pattern with a skirt.  I really wanted a blouse but I'm still hunting down the right puffy sleeved model for this.  I think I would like a late 30's version of a blouse...maybe even 1938, if I am particularly lucky.

I love the idea of a cummerbund.  I'm wondering how a print would look though.  I haven't seen this pattern replicated yet by other vintage seamstresses.

I thought I'd share some other patterns from 1947.

McCalls  4927

What I love about these vintage patterns is the stripes and the play on form.  Not sure if I could be as accurate as this pattern below with just two perfect stripes runing down.  Love the horizontal and vertical play on lines though!  I do have a future pattern I hope to conquer that does have red and white stripes but I don't see it being as difficult as this one.

Simplicity 2071  (I recently bought this pattern too before I knew it was 1947.)  I can't wait to see how the bows are formed.  I would think you'd need some stabalizer to keep the structure of the bows.  Too cute! How could you not want to wear this dress?

If a vintage pattern is too intimating, here is a reproduction pattern that looks to have great possibilities.

Guess what, I just recently won my very first Vogue Pattern book.  It is from, you guessed it, 1947!  So, I'll post some of these images coming up in a future post.  I was hoping my skirt would be in this book, but wouldn't you know it, I just missed the cutoff and I'm thinking it is in the next issue.  No worries, this issue has some interesting things to share too!

These are not related to 1947 but I really wanted to share these.  Aren't these two patterns awesome?  They show you how to do sleeves.  They are quite pricey.  These are certainly patterns to keep in mind for the future.  How cool!

This one is currently at $50 and still going.

This auction just ended at $64


  1. That is really, really interesting - I have a ten year span that I'm especially drawn to (1945 to 1955 - sometimes I say 1947 to '57 though, too - so many it's more like a 12 year span ;) ), but I can't say as though any specific years keep resurfacing (I'll be keeping an extra close eye on that point from here on out now for sure).

    Congrats on winning your first vintage Vogue pattern book. I can just imagine the treasures and inspiration it houses.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica. I think I'm with you on end date around mid 50's. I don't much like the boxy look of suits that start to happen in the later 50's. Also, a pillbox hat does not suit me. Unfortunately, a Jackie-O I am not:) Not to say she didn't have a great sense of style.

  2. Oh I can see you doing all kinds of skirts with your new pattern. A print would be nice and so would a solid with different trims around the bottom. Cant wait to see what you decide to do with it.

    1. Thanks RetroGran still deciding. I'm wondering if I go with a print if it will look ackward with the line down the front. More thinking to do:)

  3. I love the sleeve patterns-they are soooo worth getting bc you can use them for various styles and dresses and tops and oh my LOL The skirt is so pretty! Cannot wait to see the next creation! xox

  4. I just adore late 40s looks! Lately I've been on a 1949 kick!

    1. Love this year too:)) I hope we see some great sewing adventures from you in this year.

  5. so many inspiring patterns. can't wait to see the pictures from the vogue pattern book.
    wow, we should probably start new tv show called 'dating wars'. ;)

  6. I'm just loving these patterns. I have eyed off the Simplicity 2144 blouse pattern before (very Baroness Schraedder from the Sound of Music) but have never seen a multiple sleeve pattern before- what a great idea! I can't wait to see your skirt all finished, I'm sure it will turn out well and not give you too many headaches. xx Shauna