Monday, June 3, 2013

Lovely Beach Outfits

Here are some vintage fashion summer visual delights summer of 1940.....

I love, love, love vintage beach shoe wear.


  1. Those dirty lying so and so's! Don't that just push your buttons?!

    Sometimes I wonder about vendors, if they are truly deliberately lying or if they have no clue or knowledge of what they have. Of course you can never find one that's unknowledgeable the other way, you know, has something fantastic but thinks its fake and sells it for pennies. lol.

  2. Oh my goodness. That's pretty dirty and low. Some people will do anything for a sale. They are gorgeous though. I'd love to have any of these beautiful suits in my size.

  3. How awful!!! I'm so sorry that they were so deceitful! People will do anything to make a buck. At least they are pretty colors.

  4. Oh that is rotten an uncool! I love all those summer playsuits....swoon! xox9

  5. I'm really sorry that you were ripped off on those bracelets. It's often so hard to tell if the seller was genuinely mistaken themselves or if they're out to intentionally swindle customers. Either way, it's not fun at all, even if you love the item(s) all the same.

    Fingers crossed that never happens to you again, dear Joanna (and also that your internet is in shipshape again soon).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Boo! Oh wells, at least they're still super cute. Much like that olive green outfit with the jacket! That is lovely!

  7. *EEK!* One of each, please!! The one with blue lobsters - or the pink one with matching turban! - were my ultimate favorites.
    So sorry to hear your were fooled, at least they weren't pricey! Be sure to figure out the rub test too... you can't exactly bring around simichrome with you everywhere you go, lol!

    Thanks for sharing the prettiness!

    xo Sara

  8. ooooooh, beautiful pictures ... so adorable!

  9. Where is the magic machine where I can put in a picture and get the product!??! I'm dying!


  10. The gal in the green suit reminds me of you!