Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Skirt, A Hem, and A Blouse

I thought I would share a couple of images on my hair the day after putting it in pin curls and wave clips.   I felt like my hair was a little thicker in nature and I appreciated the loose curls.  My hair is now back to its flat ol'self.     The 1950's blouse I am wearing in these images is from Concetta's Closet.  It has a charming toile effect on it with bouquets of roses and sweet images of a two love birds picnicking in the countryside.

This is an image with my new dress form, Celine (named by my daughter), more on this form in a future post.   Isn't this rayon skirt fabulous?   It is cut on the bias and drapes beautifully.  It is however way too long.  It would drag on the floor if I wore it as is.  But, I am wondering if this wasn't partially the style?  Check out the beach skirts below.  I guess these ladies didn't mind their skirts gliding with the ground.  Looks glamourous in the vintage image but not quite practical for me.   I have already decided to bring it up this skirt a little.

Skirt purchased from Etsy Friendly Fox Vintage, handmade.

A little bit of a similar look?


  1. Ah, it looks like the first 'maxi' dresses. Everything old is new again as they say.


  2. Sooooo great! I love the name your daughter gave her! Whoot! This is such an exciting vintage stage you are on! Yeahhhh! xox

  3. These are sooooooooooo much prettier than modern maxi skirts. :)

  4. Your hair looks great! I love your blouse, so cute, and that skirt is fantastic. I would love to have one that length.

  5. I think we could be skirt twins- I have a very similar one of similar vintage, a soft cotton rayon, not silky rayon with a red palm tree print- I too have debated on what to do with the´s still sitting in the alteration pile ;)

  6. Would you have enough fabric to take some off the bottom and create a matching headband or hat band?

    1. I am so glad you came up with these suggestions. I never even thought of a hat band. What a very perfect idea! I do have enough for this. Thank you and stay tuned when I do incorporate the hat band:)

  7. That skirt is beautiful, going to look fabulous on you and I love Kathleen's idea about making a headband or hatband!

  8. Oh what wonderful skirt- the print is gorgeous and it does drape beautifully :)

    Florrie x

  9. What a fantastic summer piece! I've never seen these types before, like the photo either.