Friday, August 2, 2013

Recent Purchases

I'd like to share with you some recent purchases.  I'm sure you'll be seeing them on me soon!

Check out this lovely dress, in silk no less!  Gotta love polka dots too!

Vintage 50's maybe early 60's?  $55  total steal!

7 yards of fabric (Marcus Brothers)  for only $12.50!!

I think fate played me a hand on this one.  I was thinking how lovely the blouse was on the image below and then I started to look for similar fabric that might match.  The red in the print above is little stars so I found it quite a patriot print.  Perfect fabric.  I even have enough for bold mistakes lol.

Speaking of fabrics, I was browsing through etsy and I came across this rayon fabric below.  I like to look for rayon vintage fabrics as they are hard to come by.  I thought it was a pretty nice print and when it arrived I liked it even better in person.  I had it laying about on my table for a few days and when I would see it, I would think what a great print it is.  This is the sign of a great print!   This is going to make a nice dress or blouse.  I'm hoping for a dress but it is 3  7/8 yards so it may be pushing it.  I thought this was a deal at $25 for vintage rayon!

My very first carved Bakelite bracelet, so very cute, I thought quite reasonable at $22.

A blouse is certainly on the radar for me.  When I can find some time, I plan to tackle this along with a skirt.   I've seen this Michael Miller print around and about on vintage inspired blouses and I just love the print.  It is now increasing difficult to find this fabric so I picked some up on Etsy.
I bought it from CottonStudio.  They have some super cute prints and they even have Dysfunctional Family too.

I've also bought two Bernie summer dresses both on sale.  I like the fit of her dresses for me and I say when you can find a good vendor where the clothing fits well go for it!  So, ModCloth is having a big sale thanks to Brittany and Bunny for the heads up and I think I've now blown my clothing budget!  I bought this dress below at ModCloth

I love bows.  The one thing I'm a little worried about is the color.  Normally yellow isn't quite the color for me but I think with the splashes of red it might very well be super cute.  I also very much admired this dress on Stephanie.

Now a girl's gotta have a bag to go with her summer dresses, right?  Well, I'm in luck Modcloth also was having a sale on a wicker bag. 

Not to bad for $35 eh?

Whenever I see awesomely fabulous gauntlet type of gloves, I grab them.  They don't come up for sale that often and check out this wonderful pair with the tags still on from Christian Dior!  Fall here we come.


  1. Totally jealous of your buying spree! The dress at the top is just lovely!!!!!!

  2. Great buys! So many possibilities. Cant wait to see them all featuring in posts to come. And BTW those gloves are freaking AMAZING!

  3. Love those fabrics! Cannot wait to see what you will make out of them! I think the 3rd one is my fave! Great, great purchases!! xox

  4. Cor haven't you done well? Love the dress, bag and gloves - great finds!

  5. Great buys! I love to see the blouse with the striped fabric made up!

  6. Great purchases! I love the fabric, Bernie Dexter dress and those gloves are to die for! x

  7. Those words, I actually let out a loud gasp when I saw the Dior tag. What an utterly incredible find!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. You sneaky lady! Saving the best for last. I REALLY need to know what type of person gives up gloves like these.

  9. Amazing purchases! So many great things, its hard for me to pick a favorite, although those gloves are phenomenal.

  10. Great finds, I love those dresses can't wait to see them on you!

  11. Wow, you got some great stuff! I particularly like the spitfire plane fabric, and that cute dress in the first fabric! I shall look forward to seeing some of these in future outfit posts!

  12. Your gloves are my absolute favorite! What a fantastic design!

  13. I definitely am in love with some of those pieces!! I adore the aviation print fabric. I can't seem to find it anywhere and Michael Miller has some awesome fabrics.

    1. Check out Etsy that is where I bought mine.

  14. What beautiful finds! I love that plane fabric something fierce!

    Your comment about yellow not normally being something you wear made me laugh. I've actively trying for a more colorful wardrobe after years of wearing almost exclusively black. Have some fun novelty prints in brown and lime green I just ordered last night. Can't wait to get them!

    Deb @

  15. I do not know how you manage to find items at such steals. Can I be a bit jealous? Too bad, I am!