Monday, August 5, 2013

Peasant Blouse and a Skirt, Vintage Style

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I finally finished hemming the 30s/40s beach skirt and putting in a zipper.  Of course, I put the Hug Snug on the wrong side and ended up doing a hand stitched rolled hem but I thought it turned out really good for my first hem adjustment.

The zipper is another story.  You can't quite see it in these pictures but even my husband noticed that it didn't lay flat.   It wasn't easy putting in the zipper in this skirt.  I had to replace some side snaps and it did the trick but the zipper is kind of bubbly and wonky but hey at least it zips up!  I did iron it to flatten it out but to no avail.  But, the main purpose is achieved and this was to have the skirt more securely fastened.  I used a vintage metal zipper on the skirt. It might have presented better with an invisible zipper but I thought it would be nice to have a more authentic zipper in place.

This skirt was actually very good practice for me.  I'm certainly going to have to hone in my skills for future side zippers with rayon fabric.   I can quite imagine that you can get a puckering effect with seams in general with rayon/silky fabric.  Lucky for me the seamstress who originally made this skirt did a fabulous job on the construction of the panels so the rest of the skirt lays flat.

I showed the WIP here.  I would still love to use Kathleen's idea of matching fabric to a hat.  This will be on my to do list.  I do have enough scrap for this.

I totally think beach with this skirt and wanted to pair it with a peasant blouse.  I think this outfit really needs a big fat floppy vintage beach hat.    What I really love about this skirt is a glimpse into the great prints that were around back then.  I also love the high waist that is really difficult to find in skirts today.  They should really bring this concept back.

Outfit details

Vintage 50s/60s Peasant Blouse bought at PatziPalace
Vintage beach maxi skirt (1930's, 40s) bought at
Vintage 40s wedge shoes NOS - Etsy
Braclets - mixed

Peasant blouses have actually been popular through many decades.  In the 40s, you could see many Hollywood starlets embracing this fashionable blouse.  

The lovely Heddy Lamar:

Rita Hayworth - Carmen:

Many comic covers had ladies dressed in peasant blouses:

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  1. Fun! And you certainly look like you had fun with the skirt! Man, any excuse to look like Rita Hayworth is absolutely worth it!

  2. You look lovely! I love peasant blouses! I really need to start working on mine soon!

  3. Peasant blouses are some of my favorites! And your outfit is simply darling!


  4. What a perfect skirt for twirling! Lovely colour and style. I hate zippers! I hate trying to sew them and I'm pretty sure my sewing machine feels the same way! So, go girl for winning the zipper battle. (You have won the battle if the zipper does up -that's all I am ever happy with!)X

  5. Magnificent work! This skirt is such a fun, feminine dream, dearest Joanna! I adore how you styled it and where you drew inspiration from. Super summery, sweet and endlessly cute!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Wow, I love your skirt! I really do love that peasant blouses are quite versatile throughout the decades.

  7. Oh booo, I hate putting in zippers. Worst comes to worst though, you can always redo it if the ripple drives you nuts. Sewing hurdles or no, the skirt turned out sooo pretty & fits you to a tee!

    xo Sara

  8. Gorgeous! Zippers are a pain. There are times that I think they would be easier to just sew in by hand. But I think you did a lovely job putting yours in and the hem looks great.

  9. You did a fab job on the skirt, you're probably the only person who will notice it when wearing it (apart from your hubby). We are always far more critical of our own sewing than others ever will be.

    The skirt suits you so well. I would love to see the hat too! xx Shauna

  10. I feel like I am the only person who doesn't suit peasant blouses! I love the way they look on everyone else, and I have so many skirts that they would match, but I just feel like they are so unflattering and shapeless on me!!! Yours is so cute, and I love how detailed the sleeves are with the lace.

    1. You could totally pull off a Rita look! Double dog dare you!

  11. The material is just lovely on your skirt! You're making me want to pull out my sewing machine :-)


  12. Thank you everyone. I think I'm just going to keep the wonky zipper as is and move on. It's just taught me to be more careful in the future with rayon fabrics, they are less forgiving than cotton.