Friday, August 9, 2013

Vintage Vogue 1949

Head on over to my Facebook page to see some more sneak peak images from vintage Vogue 1949.


These images are from a bound volume of Vogue magazines from 1949 that I was lucky enough to win.  There is just such a wealth of information in these vintage fashion magazines.  Here are two ads for Adrian dresses.  The first one is just so amazing and I didn't even realize it was an Adrian gown until right now when I was getting ready to post.  It is so artfully named "Back Talk".  Great name!

I'll write a check out right now for $250 for this gown!  Gosh, I can't even imagine what this gown would go for today.  I could sit and stare at this gown for hours!

I'll be posting a bunch of images from this volume so stay tuned for a party of 1949 fashion.  You are all invited.

Adrian is just so amazing!  He is one of my favorite designers.  Here is another ad with matching cape and gloves.  I'll just let the images speak for themselves.  I also hope to do a detailed blog post about Adrian in the future.


  1. Oh my, that first gown is amazing indeed.. according to an online calculator (I always like to calculate old prices to modern ones) $250 in 1949 is $2.450 today!

    1. Gosh can you imagine how much this would go for today? Thanks for the calculation.

  2. So gorgeous! I especially love the polka dots.

  3. Fantastic! I love the second one and would wear that in an instant!

  4. It really is marvelous! The polka dots are much bigger than most we see from that era, and I think that really helps to make it such an engaging piece.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous Vogue images, with us, dear Joanna.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh dear god. I can't think of any words that aren't swear words. Omgomgomg.