Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Olga With Love

I've been on the hunt for novelty prints with kind of a mid-century artistic vibe.  I do believe I found this in this fabric below.  It's so bazaar that it kind of draws you in to take a closer look.    I'm planning an upcoming post on where art and textiles converge.   Did you know that even Andy Warhol designed fabric for a short time?  I also find it fascinating when I see in vintage fashion magazines how fine art was used as a backdrop to present fashion.  There really was a strong correlation in the artistic movement of the times and mid-century fashion.  So much more than I would find today.

I wanted to share with you a recent purchase.  I'm not sure what this fabric should turn into.  What do you think?  I was thinking it should be partnered with a pattern from around 1949/1950.  The dilemma is what type of outfit to make as this is a very bold print to say the least.

What also drew me to this fabric, is that I could date it!  It came with an original receipt:)  This fabric was stored very well and the colors are vibrant.   This fabric was purchased from Olga in Mexico in August of 1949.  The lady (or gentleman) that purchased this fabric paid $8.50 for it.  This would equal around $81.   It has a linen type of weave to it.   It's very primitive in the pattern.  I'm quite sure Matisse and Picasso would approve.   I very much wonder what this fabric was originally intended to make.  Maybe even some curtains?  This fabric has character.  I'm sure there are some underlying themes to this fabric.  It's a total doodle type of theme  You have this man hunting with a spear and then this other kind of freaky face that looks like it was zapped with something atomic.  Think this fabric was even too bazaar for curtains?

So, what do you see as a good use for this fabric?


  1. Love the fabric! I would make a short sleeved button down dress. With a small belt and red buttons.

  2. If I could bear to cut into it (which would be difficult) I think a playsuit would be first up, and maybe a sarong. It could work for a longer skirt, but you'll have to pay attention to where the hem is on the pattern, because it will stand out more.

    But if you wanted curtains (and matching throw cushions) this would look killer in a den.

  3. That is some strange fabric, but really neat! I like the idea of a play suit with a matching skirt. I could also see some kind of sundress from around the same date as the fabric. Something with a wide/full skirt to really show off the print. You could add a colored belt and maybe a white cardigan.

  4. Pretty. I'd make an apron out of it.

  5. Fantastic print and I can imagine it as a two piece top and skirt combo for the warmer weather.

  6. That is such a seriously cool pattern - very avant garde for the time and definitely redolent of some of the Cubist painters, I agree. I see it as something big and bold, say a dress and matching jacket/coat, skirt suit, or playsuit.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I love these ideas, thank you everyone!

  8. The colours are great, the print reminds me of scenes from the Stone Age. I think it would make a lovely circle skirt and bolero or a shirt dress. I like the fact that you can date it and know who sold it. I wish we knew who bought it and why they didn't make it up.