Friday, August 1, 2014

Novelty Friday

I'm going through a phase right now of really enjoying novelty prints, especially 1950's skirts.

Other than the length, which I would have preferred a slight bit longer, this is a perfect skirt for me.  It is a store made skirt but I am not able to make out the label.  I'm thinking this was more of a teenagers skirt due to the length.

I'm very interested in the artist inspired novelty skirts.  This one is whimsical and tells a story, so fun!   It's  a field trip to a museum theme.  How perfectly me:) I'm not able to let down the hem as there would be a mark and it is a tad bit to small for me.  This is where my latest gadget played an awesome roll.  I bought a button extender.  I do recommend them as now this skirt is quite comfortable to wear and I can breathe in it:)

The top is a NOS Judy Bond.  I'm really in need of some new blouses/tops in vintage 50s styles.  It certainly is easier to find skirts than tops.  I'm hoping to find some nice color blend tops as I know the white is a bit bland.

Outfit Details
Top:  Judy Bond ebay
Skirt: ebay
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens 70% off sale
Bracelets/Brooch:  Bakelite

In case any of you are interested, here is the expanding button:


  1. Thanks for posting that button extender-I could put something like that to use.

    What a dream of a skirt! The print, the colours, the cut-all just so perfect. I do see shirts around from time to time, but they tend to be embellished with lace, etc. Finding something plain is a bit more challenging.

  2. Here's one, though I think it would be too big for you:
    Oh, and "First!" (because I never grew up)

    1. Thank you for this tip. This is a wonderful store. I think what I am going to try and do is look for more colorful cotton or knit tops. I do have a few cream/white blouses. Thank you for looking out for me. If you see Paris themed 50s skirts, scream for me.

  3. Such a fantastic skirt! I love the matching bangles and the shoes you paired with it too! It is quite difficult finding simple vintage blouses-many of them have adornment of some type or are in a print-which isn't bad at all, it's just sometimes tricky to match them to an item with a busy print or adornment of its own! :-)

  4. I love novelty prints and that one looks so cute on you.

  5. Button extender you say?! I may have to look into one of many cute skirts out there seem to be *juuust* too small for me...


  6. This outfit reminds me so much of this one I wore recently:

    The design of the skirt is quite similar in colour and the pattern with the boxes!

  7. ooo, i hadn't thought of using button extender. what a terrific idea!!

  8. This is such a cute novelty print! The button is very smart!

  9. Oooh, I love the idea of a button extender. I see so many skirts that I know would almost fit - something like that would be so helpful.
    I do like the way you've paired the skirt with a simple white shirt. The casual style seems so youthful and sweet on you.

  10. That skirt is SO brilliant! I simply adore it!


  11. Great print on your skirt. That button gadget sound marvellous!

  12. I am obsessed with novelty skirts! And yours is fabulous! I must look into this waist/button expander...