Thursday, May 15, 2014

A True Step In the Past With the Hair Net Winners

I was so very pleased with the response from the hair net giveaway and so excited to see all the wonderful images of the lovely ladies who blogged about their hair net experiences.  They actually exceeded my expectations.  It was so nice to see how these hair nets would look.  I think for a nice curl look that lasts for hours these are great.    Thank you ladies!

There certainly was a reason our vintage counterparts used these. These lovely ladies below are so inspiring in their hair nets that I thought I'd share a recap with links to their reviews.

In no particular order:)

The lovely Francis of Polka Polish.   How perfect are these curls nestled in this hair net?  Beautiful lighting and wonderful set.

The lovely Emily of  Emily's VintageVisions.   How perfect is this hair net and hat combination.  Looks so professional!

The lovely Helen of  Lovebirds Vintage.  How wonderful is this 40s set in a hair net?  A lovely model:)

The lovely Emileigh of Flashback Summer.  How cute is this set?  Wish (hope) mine would come up half as nice.  So inspiring.

All these lovely ladies have really inspired me to learn to set my hair in a better way.  And, just to have but one of these styles for one day, I'd be terribly happy.  I really do see a benefit to using hair nets.   Thank you so very much for participating in this contest.   And, I know that there are a couple other winners who will be posting in the future, no rush:)  Thank you ladies!!!  These types of contests are so much fun.