Friday, September 28, 2012

Yellow Cargo

I picked up this film still from an antique shop about a month back.  The party scene caught my attention.  I love to see vintage images that are so clear and you can catch a glimpse into some of the glamour  of the period.

The movie is on YouTube and was renamed "Sinful Cargo" from 1936.   It's actually kind of a dry movie and the still makes it look like an exciting flick.  

I plan on buying more of these vintage photographs.  They are really interesting to study and so detailed in person.  I've been looking on ebay a little today and I love browsing through all the B&W stills.  Ebay sorts it by period so you can look at B&W photographs pre-1940 and 1941-1949, etc.  I invite you all to take a look it's really fascinating.

Look at this image isn't it marvelous?  It's from the 1930s Jean Howard.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dior Launches New Magazine

I've been digging around the internet trying to figure out how to get my hands on a copy of this magazine, but I'm unsuccessful.   First issue came out this month.  I love the photography take on the New Look.   Doesn't it look fabulous?

Marion Cotillard, she's amazing, modeling.   Jean-Baptiste Mondino, photographer ...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Harper's Bazaar March 1951

A while back I noted that I had a small collection of "beater" Harper's Bazaars.  Here is another issue from March 1951.   It is interesting how, in general, vintage Harper's command more than Vogue.  I must say they are jammed pack with great photography and ads.

Here is a trip to March 1951...

Love the angles

Photo spread near Rockefeller NYC..

Look at this bag!!!  It's so timeless.  I'd love this bag right now.  Just perfect!!  I would never have guessed it was a bag from 1951.

Christian Dior dress:  

I love this ad.  Every time I look at this particular issue of Bazaar, I come to this ad and  I am drawn to the beauty of the necklace she is wearing. I've actually tried to find something similar to this and have been unsuccessful so far.

Read up on suit trends:

Of course, we had to add in Jacques Fath, how about some lovely gloves?

I know this page is beat up but I just adore Lilli Ann.. sign me up for this suit!

Balenciaga beauties:

Jacques Fath and Jean Desses

Cover to issue:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Photography Tips 50's Style

Hello sweet vintage souls:)

I was thinking about how things happen for reasons and how there are certain reoccurring symbols that  pop up in life.  The years 1944 and a fuzzy line of 1953/1954 seem to resonate with me, especially 1944.  I find the year 1944 popping up the most for me even taking out the war reference.  So, I do ponder why this particular year? 
I'd like to know do any of you have a year that seems to make a reoccurrence for you quite often?  And, in what way?

 Anyways on to a different topic photography....  I hope you enjoy the post below.  I found it quite fascinating to look at early 50's photography techniques and maybe you might be able to use some of these in your next pictures.

I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of photography magazines when I was rummaging through some antique shops in Michigan.  It appears there was a photography lover who had these magazines.  There was a big stack of photography magazines in the shop but I decided these two were the best.   I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks to early 50's photography.

Modern Photography (October 1953)

Even Marilyn can look glamorous in a sauna, her makeup is spot on and the placement of her hand in a relaxation pose is genius.  It's an interesting dichotomy at one instance you can feel the heat of the sauna through her body language, facial expression, and lighting; but her makeup is just so perfect that you know being in a sauna wouldn't last...but it's all about glamour:)

Does this image look like Sherilyn Fenn or what (March 1954)?

I thought this was interesting with Grace Kelly as the portraiture subject.  I hope you can click on and read the article.

Interesting look at various poses that didn't quite make the cut.  I kinda like the tilt of the head look.

The final photograph that made the cut:

This is fascinating it talks about different types of angle lights for different effects and gives the positions of the lighting equipment.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ode to 1951 Lilli Ann

Lilli Ann

Here are images in color of the fabulous Lilli Ann jacket from 1951.  The jacket has a wrap effect and has rhinestones with peach stitching as an accent.  The rhinestones are in marvelous condition for their age.  I truly feel transported to the early 50's wearing this ensemble.   

I thought the hat worked perfectly with the outfit.   In addition, I thought it would be great to experiment with a vintage umbrella as a prop.
I was playing around in Photoshop and I think I've found a good way to get a vintage feel from a photograph.  Below is my beginning attempts at conversion.  There are so many different ways.  I'll keep on playing with Photoshop.  Please excuse the netting layout on the hat still trying to understand the photography of hat netting, good learning practice before my photo shoot.

Detailed shot of jacket:

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Lilli Ann Match

I am huge Lilli Ann fan!  I hope to share more of the fabulous designs of Lilli Ann in future posts.  For this post, I wanted to share with you a match that I have from a 1951 ad.   This jacket is simply gorgeous and I'm going to save the color photographs for my next post.  Unfortunately, I do not have the skirt or original belt that came with this beautiful jacket so I thought I'd improvise:)

Lilli Ann Ensamble:

Jacket -  Lilli Ann  Posh Girl Vintage

Hat - I believe was Etsy (Can I say how fun this hat is?)

Silk Vintage scarf Etsy

(More photographs in next post.)

Matching Ad: Source My Vintage Vogue

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hooked on Swing Dancing

Ahhh, what would the 40's be like without swing music?  I hope you enjoy some of the clips below.  I'm inspired by swing music and dance.  I wish there were places you could go to nowadays that are hip and full of life like this:)  Please check out "Hooked On Swing Dancing".  Really great look at vintage swing dancing (YouTube video below)!

There was a great movie that came out in 1993, Swing Kids.  If you haven't seen it, it is a great period flick with some awesome dancing.  I remember waiting for this to come out and being blown away by the soundtrack.  I just pulled out my old CD this morning and have been jamming to the tunes:)  I can't believe I didn't have this on my itunes!  The CD is phenomenal I recommend getting it.  I'm going to re-watch Swing Kids.  I haven't seen this movie in years so I'm looking forward to looking to seeing the period outfits and backdrops:)  I just picked up the DVD version of this movie.

I hope you enjoy and listen to some of these great YouTube clips.

YouTube:  Not the best quality, but it gives you an idea:

How about some original swing fever:

Hooked on Swing Dancing Clip (a must watch):

How cool is this?  A Lindy Hop instructional video:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Rawlings August 1943

I'm planning an upcoming photo shoot based upon John Rawlings Vogue photography.  I've been studying his art so that I may parlay some of his ideas into a photo shoot.

I plan on showcasing images of John Rawlings and information about this iconic photographer.   His work is simply amazing and so I'd like to start out by analyzing one of his amazing compositions.

This image is from   This image was originally published in Vogue in August of 1943.   I'm sure you'll all agree that the beauty and composition in this photograph is timeless.   This is what I love about the work of Rawlings.

In terms of psychology, the color red signifies spirit, leadership, ambition, and energy.  It is the color of physical movement.  Too much red can cause agitation.  Black signifies absorption and can be considered unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it exudes....but think about it when it is paired with red.   The combination becomes sophisticated, sexy, and takes on the power of contrast.

The viewer is drawn to the power of this combination.  This woman looks strong and confident.  There is just enough red in the backdrop of the lining of the coat to bring out the composition.

The power of three is seen as a suggestion from the circular three gold buttons centered on the suit to the three black buttons angled off on the coat.  (Can I say that I want this coat?)   There is so much balance in this photograph.  I read that the brain tends to remember things grouped in threes.  I wonder if this is true?  I do feel aesthetically that if the coat and jacket had four buttons it would seem less appealing.  Interesting.  It is also interesting how Rawlings created a great sense of balance with the use of three (being a odd number).

In addition, because of the same shape and color of the models earrings mirroring the buttons on her jacket the viewers eyes are also drawn upward.   The white background creates a neutral effect so that all the focus is on the clothing and the model.   It's like every piece and color serves a purpose.

The importance of the touch of red in the scarf is necessary to create a balance in the piece and also get the feeling of the power of three as there are three areas of red the viewers eyes to take in.   In addition the hints of silver in the stripes of the scarf help to break up the black.  I also feel the side turn in the model's head places more awareness on the clothing arrangement.

I'd take this outfit anytime of the day.

Who says fashion can't be art?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vogue Magazine

I am a collector of vintage fashion magazines from the 40's and 50's.  I especially love Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.  These magazines are truly well made and are art forms, but I am a bottom feeder.  I can't see paying oodles of money for these magazines.   I have paid a premium on some earlier issues but nothing what I feel high priced.   I have some issues in the 30 dollar range but I mainly like to stick to auctions where most of the time I lose out and every once in while get a great score:)  Issues with my favorite photographer, John Rawlings, do go for a premium.

I would like to know why did this Vogue magazine go for $400 in good condition?  Holy cow!!!  This just sold on ebay.  The cover is the image of Jean Patchette from Vogue, January 1950 by Erwin Blumenfeld.   It looks like this issue will not be coming into my collection anytime soon:)  I'm guessing this is a quite iconic cover.  It would be nice to know the story behind this cover.