Friday, November 28, 2014

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress - New England In The Fall

Our lovely dress has paid a visit to Emily of Emily's Vintage Visions  Please go check out her blog post.    She was so kind to do a photo shoot at the end of October even considering her recent wedding and all the time and planning this took:)   Emily looks fabulous in this dress amidst the last echoes of fall.

The setting is the backdrop of New England in the fall.  She styled the dress so charmingly and her hair is beautifully set.  The coat is an excellent match for the dress.  Please click on the link to see more.
Thank you Emily!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Lilli Ann Ramble

I hope you don't mind if I ramble more about Lilli Ann.  Even though this is the creme de la creme line for me, there are times when I'll buy a jacket or a suit and it doesn't fit well.   One thing to keep in mind with a vintage suit is that it isn't like nowadays where you walk in a shop try it on and buy it.  These ladies had their suits tailored.  It was all about structure and form.   I've been fortunate to see many different varieties of Lilli Ann suits so it isn't a total disappointment when they don't fit correctly as it is still a joy to see the tailoring and fabric style in person.  It is kind of like they stop in for tea on their way to their new homes.

I think it is easier to find a well fitted coat than a suit.    I wanted to share with you a remarkable jacket that if it would have fit correctly, I would have kept it.   I tend to pass forward the clothing that doesn't fit me well, including Lilli Ann.  I haven't yet been to a tailor to adjust a vintage suit and not to say this wouldn't happen in the future but I feel like with a jacket the adjustments are much more complex than with a cotton dress.

I took a few pictures of this jacket for remembrance sake.  It had exquisite details and the white against the navy was certainly a dramatic effect.  But, it was slightly too big.   Certain angles it is difficult to see, others it is quite obvious.

This jacket was beautiful the white stripe effect so well done.

Would you like a sneak peak at my latest Lilli Ann jacket?  I'm just waiting for the right brown skirt to come along.  <Fingers crossed>

A really lovely detail is how under the lapel is a white satin fabric.