Friday, May 31, 2013

Swirl Wrap Dress

Now that the warm weather has finally began, it's time to get out the Swirl dresses.  I have two and I'd actually love a closet full.  They are so fun to wear.  The problem is everyone else thinks so too.  So, to find a Swirl dress is a challenge in itself, then you must find a design you like, and finally find one that is within your budget or what you are willing to pay. Swirl dresses can upwards of $150.   So, imagine my luck when I picked up this lovely dress for  $25.  They are fun to wear and this is great because I have a habit of buying dresses that you would go to a ladies tea party in (sorry can't help myself).

What I also love about Swirl is that even though it is a wrap dress, there are small details that add to the vintage charm.  This particular dress has some really cute pockets that are fastened with a bow.

The Vintage Traveler has an expose on Swirl dresses.  You can see several posts about these creations.

I also realize that a Swirl dress would go great with wedges.  I think I need to hunt down an affordable pair of black 40's/50's wedge shoes.  I had to pick up some drycleaning today and I'm friendly with the lady at the drycleaners and she asked me where I was going?  If it was somewhere special?  You gotta love this as a Swirl was considered a house dress to our vintage counterparts.

There are so many awesome styles and also some really interesting vintage ads for these wonderful dresses.

Do any of you have a Swirl dress?  Were you also able to buy yours under the radar so to speak?

Outfit details

Swirl dress $25 etsy
Hairclip Etsy SofisticatedFlowers
Earrings -ebay vintage 50s
Shoes -vintage 40's

It's amazing how little is actually for sale on ebay and etsy here are a couple I spotted to showcase:



Super cute Etsy  RaleighVintage

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes, It's My Dress And Resort Wear

Are you feeling the summer fashion vibe yet? Vintage resort wear has peaked my interest, lately.  As I was looking through an issue of Look Magazine (1950), I came across an interesting article for a seven piece resort wear set.  If you'd like the pattern, please send 18c to Look Magazine to cover postage (of course, you must also transport yourself back to 1950).  I tried to see if there was an actual pattern on the internet for this set but didn't see one.  It is a very cute idea.
Below are images of some of the outfits you can make:

Also, in an issue of Look Magazine I came across this and I thought it was really interesting to share.  A wooden paddle is inserted into a Schiaparelli corset.  The angles of this Alwynn corset are also quite interesting and you can see how a "New Look" can be achieved.

Recently, I've also been touched with the vintage Hawaii bug.   I'm on the hunt for a Shaheen dress but I want it to be the right one.   I've also felt the need to watch an Elvis flick.   How perfect to watch Blue Hawaii?   As I was watching Blue Hawaii oogling over all the great fashion and of course Elvis,  when...   there was this a clip where Maile Duval is in this dress  below:

Sorry for the screen shots not being that great but you get the idea.

Imagine my excitment when I realize I have this exact same dress!  I blogged about it here.  I also have the matching ad from a magazine that goes with this dress.
Below is an image I took of the dress last year.   It's fun when you get to see your fashions on the screen.  Have any of you seen your vintage wears on the silver screen?

Georgia Bullock - Designer

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Little Bit Of Vintage Buttons In Your Life

Did I say a little bit?   I won this auction for vintage buttons.  I seriously need to learn how to test Bakelite.  I haven't done this yet but I'm betting some of these older buttons are Bakelite.  The cards on some of these buttons from the 20s or 30s are just art forms in themselves.

I'm still searching for the right blouse to make but I figured I might need some buttons too.  I'm thinking I should now have the right buttons for any blouse I make:)  The thing that I loved about this win is that all the buttons came on cards. So much better than digging through a tin.
For all these buttons I paid $35.  

Aren't some of these cards so interesting?  I think these are my favorite buttons.

Speaking of buttons.  Did you know there was actually vintage Hollywood movie star buttons know as Prevue Movie Buttons?  I think probably the actresses used these types of buttons on their clothing in the movies?

Etsy link for another Movie Star Buttons.

These ones are shaped like little red horses.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tulle and a Teacup - Late For The Party and I'm A Winner!

I was reading Fashionable Bureaucrat's blog the other day which led back to the original "Tulle and teacup post".    I thought this was such a enchanting and fashionable idea.  Tulle and a teacup has made the rounds of many blogs.   Go for it yourself, it's a fun idea!

I decided that my tulle shall come from my hat.  Although, I do quite fancy a tulle and teacup post ballerina style.  I just need to find the right petticoat.  You would think I would have a big flouncy one, but I don't.  I shall add it to my wish list.

Did I ever mention how much I love fairies?  Especially, the classic Cicely Barker style.   I'm glad that I was inspired to bring out the ol'tea cups.    I still remember many years back Oprah had a show about things she enjoyed and one of them was drinking tea from a china tea cup.  I'd have to agree there is something special from drinking tea from a china cup.  Although this cup is china, it does come from South America, go figure :)

A quote from C.S. Lewis:

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

Bernard-Paul Heroux:

"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea."

Tulle and A Teacup

A flower from the garden

Blouse and pin vintage.

I've had this couch for so many years, it is indeed now vintage.  It has such a history and has been very faithful.  I bought this couch before I met my husband and it has a certain history and carries my independence with it (symbolically).  There is another matching piece to this set.  It served me well in my Las Vegas days.   It will be soon time to retire this relic.  But, the good thing is it is comfortable and the children can build awesome forts.

Also, check it out.  I got WON a giveaway.  The wonderful Janey at AtomicRedhead sent me this great book, Style Me Vintage - Hair.  Stay tuned for a future post on my attempts for retro hair:))   Thank you Janey!   I was so excited to win this great book from the fabulous Janey and she was so thoughtful that she included a new vintage friend for me too. This is a great idea that I am going to swipe.   It's a lesson in history to also take a peak at every day life through vintage family photographs.  The big problem is that I want to know more about who these people were.

Off to drink my tea....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Garden Variety

The phrase "you win some, you learn some" is what comes to mind with this dress.   I don't feel bad about not liking this dress.  It is apart of the vintage experience.    I think it's also interesting to post about outfits you don't like as it is a learning experience on both ends.  Of course, it would have been nice to return the dress but this is the gamble with vintage buying on auctions on ebay.  

Here is what I did like about the dress.  I like that you can also attach a scarf around the neck of the dress (has these interesting little loops around the collar area).  Very nifty idea!   I just didn't have the right scarf.  I tried several and they just didn't fit to this dress.   I also experimented with hand washing this dress and found that after even ironing this dress it had a puckery look to it because the flowers are all stitched onto the fabric.  The puckery effect is another reason I do not like it.  

I started off wearing this dress with a pair of Remix wedge shoes but then I thought if I was going to the garden shop I don't want to get them dirty so I switched up my shoes.  Yep, notice all those weeds under my feet, hoping to get some mulch and spruce up the front yard a bit.

Happy Sunday!

The verdict is still out on these 30's sunglasses below.  I'll test them out on a couple more times before I decide. 

The sunglasses I am wearing above look a little like the suglasses in the cover to this Marie Claire from 1939.  What do you think?  Isn't this a great cover?  I located a copy of this magazine and I'll be sure to share the contents when it arrives.  I also have a Pinterest category with vintage sunglass images in it here.


When I think of great vintage statement sunglasses this Vogue 1939 cover comes to mind.  Lauren did a great job of finding a similar pair.  How fabulous is the skirt she is wearing?  Oh no, now I want one. If anyone sees a decently priced 30s cheveron skirt, please clue me in.

I bought these sunglasses below recently at the vintage show in Manhattan and I really like them a lot.  I don't think they are extremely old but they frame my face well.  I wish I had a green thumb and I could have taken some of these lovely flowers home.  I love daisies!  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Post All Of Its Own

I thought this Lilli Ann suit deserved a post all it's own since you rarely see such a beauty come up for sale. I haven't seen a Lilli Ann suit like this before.  I'm betting it doesn't last long for sale. $745.  Check out the amazing buttons?  Mill Street set up shop on 1stdibs and you can find this suit for sale on there.  Mill Street certainly comes up with some amazing pieces of history.  They are also over on Etsy too.  Oh how I'd love to wear a dress a day from their shop:)

This suit also has just the California label which is also quite rare dating it to the late 40s.  I'd love to see this beauty in person.  Those buttons are just drop the jaw impressive.   Isn't it also interesting about the cut out on the front?  This suit has "ahead of it's time" "timeless" written all over it.

If you are new to my blog,  Lilli Ann and I are best friends.  <smile>  Please follow me on Pinterest (check sidebar)  for updates to my Lilli Ann ads and outfits boards.  I find it fascinating to link actual ads to the current suits so you can also see this here and a brief biography on the designer.  There is also a lot of great information in California Couture.  I highly recommend this book for a peek into vintage California designers.

Image Source: Mill Street, 1st Dibs

Monday, May 13, 2013

Deco Accessories

I hope some of you have had the chance to see the new Gatsby movie.  I haven't yet but fill me in what you thought.

I had a splendid Mother's Day.  I'll share these pictures this week.  I first wanted to share with you that I have an article in "Hey Doll!"   This e-magazine is superb.  Guess what, it's free too!  So, no excuse for not clicking on the link.   The wonderful Bunny and Brittany do a fabulous job of appealing to vintage lovin' hep cats like ourselves.  The current issue explores Great Gatsby themes and is right up my alley.  There were so wonderful contributors and I thought this issue was front row clap worthy. Right on ladies!

I did an article on assuit shawls and I thought I'd share some other photographs taken at the same time.  I had a lot of fun with this article.  My outfit is vintage with the exception of the shoes which are Re-mix.

Outfit Details

Dress (1920's)- Etsy black silk charmeuse in great condition. Consetta's Closet.
Feather Hair Comb (1920's) -$32 and worth every penny so awesome vintage Etsy YoungRelic 
Necklace (1920's) -I believe I got it from RubyLane during one of their 50% off tag sales
Headband (1920's)- hand-beaded with amazing detail.  Ebay $50.
Gloves -vintage (1950's)  looking back I wish I would have foregone the gloves as in most deco period photographs the ladies didn't actually wear gloves.  Oh, well next time:)
Shawl -Assuit (1920's).  Read the article for more details on these beauties!  Total works of art.
Shoes -Re-mix on sale
Peacock Fan -ebay  (from what I understand peacocks naturally molt and loose their tail feathers in the fall)

Another look at the dress and shawl: