Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress Traveling To New Destinations!

After our vintage dress  left the lovely Kristen,  the dress made a stop with the very chic Whitney at LittleHeapVintage.  I love how she was able to add her personal touch to this dress.  She gave it a casual yet whimsical spin.   She paired this dress with moccasin looking boots.  She could take this dress on even a nice hike in the woods, if she choose.  Her backdrop is urban.  You know what I love about Whitney is that she isn't afraid to take chances with her wardrobe.  If you also take a look back at her other posts, you'll see a variety of wonderful vintage outfits!  She even did a take on the "bar suit", just like me.  Great minds think a like:)

After leaving Whitney, our faithful dress has paid a stop with Stephanie, of The Girl With A Star- Spangled Heart.

The beautiful Stephanie, chose to style the dress withe floral accents in her hair and black with period black gloves, belt, and shoes.  Stephanie is a seamstress so it was nice to see her take on what she saw in the details of this dress.  There is a softness to Stephanie's interpretation of the dress.   I keep being drawn back to the lovely soft purples in her hair flowers.  Her husband is a photographer so of course, her photographs are amazingly done:)  Beautiful, dear Stephanie!

Thank you ladies for participating in this adventure.  You both look so splendid in the dress and I am having such fun seeing the interpretation of this dress.  Well done ladies!

Please other readers, take a stop on by to their blogs and leave them a wonderful comment.  I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Birds And The Bees

Continuing on with my theme of novelty prints...

I came across this blouse a couple months ago and it sold in a heartbeat.  So, another one crossed my path recently and I bought it and I thought I'd share images of it with you.   Besides being a novelty print, it was also styled by Edith Head.   A very beautiful blouse indeed.  I love how this blouse is styled in the vintage ad with the bow on the side.   I also have not seen the film.  Have any of you?

According to the ad, you could own this very lovely blouse for $3.00 and two Dial Soap wrappers.   This ad is from 1956.  So, in today's dollars this blouse would cost you around $26.  Not too bad for an Edith Head blouse!  Or, if you didn't have the soap wrappers it would cost you $10 or $86.  I've just sold this blouse as it isn't quite me but will be a winner for the new owner.   It was really fun just to look at it in person as I love the sleeve and collar effect!

Image via MyVintageVogue

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Right Place At The Right Time

I've been really enjoying my foray into novelty skirt prints.  I've been keeping my eyes peeled for particular types of prints, mainly scenic in nature.   I've also got some great prints I need to sew up.  I'm really interested in making a paneled skirt and I keep waiting for the right print but I'm thinking I should just dig in and make one with one of the fabrics I already have.

A little over a week ago, I see this marvelous skirt pop up on LuckDryGoods.  This is a skirt that wouldn't have lasted long for sale.   It's also a rare store made skirt.  It fits well with no adjustments and it is really difficult to find 1950s novelty skirts that are in a regular size as I see so many with very tiny waist measurements.  This skirt print showcases boats and has a very painterly effect but when you look up close there is a lot of line details.  The color scheme is just beautiful.   I'm very happy with my purchase.   The sweater is also from LuckyDryGoods.  I saw it on the model and thought what a great combination.  I don't know about you but it's also a task to find matching sweaters and blouses to skirts.  There are so many wonderful things in the LuckyDryGoods etsy shop.  I encourage you all to take a look at their stock on Etsy.

I was also very happy that my ReMix shoes fit the color scheme as I have been looking for the right outfits to pair them with.

We also just recently put in a nice walkway to our home.  I'm ashamed to tell you about the before walkway:)