Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fancy shopping 1954 style?

I picked up this Spiegel Catalog from Winter of 1954.  They sold just about everything from clothing to furniture to even livestock!  I wonder if the clothing tags all said Spiegel too.

I think if I was catalog shopping, I'd pick up this blouse.  This blouse would be $16.61.  Not to shabby.

I also like this blouse, add this to my shopping list at $41.78

I think I might also like this dress priced at $5.98. "Soft suede finish cotton flannel in gay harlequin print and sparkling with bright white turtle neck collar and turn up cuffs takes you happily through the year".  Couldn't have said it better myself:)  Added to my shopping cart.

Ahhh what the heck, I'd like this nice fall coat too.  "Rich color combinations..excellent buy!  Beautiful luxury look style.  Iridescent rayon and acetate taffeta lined"  $20.  In today's dollars that is  $167, but I'm worth it:)  On with the shopping....

Kinda like this little blouse too priced at $3.98 which would be $33 in today's money.

Other images, for your shopping enjoyment:

And, we can't forget the piggies, if you'd like to start your own farm!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Elgin Compacts

I have been on the hunt for a vintage compact.  I know that there is a whole new collecting spectrum in collecting compacts.  Any of you out there collect vintage compacts?  In my quest for a compact, I came across the name Elgin.  They made compacts to suit all classes of women.  Of course, I saw this as a challenge to find a compact that would match an ad.  I'm happy to report success.  I found the compact below which sold for $7.50 in 1948.  I bought the compact on RubyLane and found the ad on ebay.  When the ad arrives, I'll be sure to take a more detailed shot.  The compact would sell for $72 in today's dollars.  I paid  $29.   The compact was for "dressier daytime".  Maybe at some point I will find the other two in the ad, now wouldn't this be cool?

This compact below is a true work of art and is shown on  It has sold and I'm curious what it sold for but it doesn't tell you the price.  The compact is also an Elgin compact.

Did you know that there was a market for musical compacts in the 50's?  I hope to pick up one in the future at a decent price.  I bought a couple of the ads for these musical compacts so when they also arrive I'll post detailed shots.  

This musical compact is for sale on ebay right now:

Another match that I saw on ebay was the following:

Compact on sale currently on ebay:

Matching ad for sale on ebay:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

1949/50 Fashion

Some images from the Time/Life archives..

This image doesn't quite fit with the theme above but I thought the photography was amazing from 1946.  It feels like it could have been shot yesterday:

Friday, August 17, 2012


 Hollywood and Vine in 1944, photographer John Florea (Images Time/Life archives):

Back to NY:

The Stork Club 1944:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Flashback 1951

I just got this book called "The Golden Age of Couture".  I  highly recommend this book.  There are so many beautiful gowns portrayed and also a lot of information about the designers of this period even a peek at sketches.  This book takes on historical perspectives and even some personal stories.  I can see this book as a definite asset to anyone's collection of fashion history.
I wonder why Amazon doesn't allow a peek inside because it certainly would help sell the book:)

Note:  Images below are not a part of the book.

Images below from Time/Life archive 1951.

I found this image fascinating.  Workers beading a couture gown 1951-

Designer Jacques Griffe

One of the things that I find intriguing (in general of the early 50's late 40's) and very interesting is the use of angles in outfits of this period, especially suits.  It certainly takes on an artistic form when looking at the images.  I think that having the photographs in B&W also enhances the use of form as our eyes are no longer bombarded by color.  I'm going to do a future post on dramatic angles in clothing styles of this period.   

Paris Spring Fashion 1951

Jacques Fath gowns February 1951

Look into a Paris showroom February 1951

Dior fashion show 1951

Balenciaga Spring 1951