Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Lilli Ann Lady

I mentioned in my latest Lilli Ann post  that I would share with you a Lilli Ann lady in her element in 1956.  I found this image just randomly looking at some 50s photographs on ebay.  I know this sounds totally bazaar but I'm telling you it's true:)  I was saying to myself while looking at 1950s snap shots, "Wouldn't it be nice if I found a vintage lady wearing a Lilli Ann suit?"

She wasn't listed as wearing a Lilli Ann suit but once I saw her, I  immediately knew she was wearing a Lilli Ann suit.  She is quite chic in her Lilli Ann suit, accessories, and I'm sure wearing a nice tint of lipstick.  I wonder the event that she might be going to.  I'd love to see more vintage ladies wearing Lilli Ann, as I'm sure it was very popular during this period too.

Here is an ad of this suit from January 1956.  Via Flicker.