Friday, March 29, 2013

The Right Color?

Here is the 1940's suit that I have been speaking about for the last couple of posts.  This suit is what I feel to be a hallmark early 1940's suit so I am a happy to present this suit, to you my dear vintage readers.   I do feel like I have to find a couple of better accessories to go with this suit.   I'd like a better hat and some dark brown gloves.  It may even be nice to explore the straw hat and clutch route.  I do feel like this outfit screams "accessorize me with a clutch" lol.

I believe that in having a vintage wardrobe I open myself up to criticism.    I guess it goes with moving away from the crowd.  We can't expect to have every outfit loved or everything we wear understood but it doesn't deter from some of the disappointments we may encounter.   

Have you ever gotten your hopes up about an outfit and had them dashed by someone else's opinion?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.

I still very much like this suit but my brutally honest husband doesn't.   Does it make his opinion absolute?  No, I really can't expect him to like everything.   I was caught a little off guard as I really like the suit.  I guess it was the extremeness in him not liking it vs. me really liking it a lot that has caused my reflective state.

I think this is part of the learning lesson for me.  Do I want to stay in conformity and live in a world devoid of criticism or limit myself to compliance to others?  No, of course not.  I'd get criticism of modern day apparel too.    Of course, I would always love absolute positive feedback but it's not going to happen.   I can say as a final thought that this is a personal journey and it's about seeking inward satisfaction from what you are doing.  

Outfit details:

1940's Suit -ebay.  I'm thinking this was custom made.  I don't see a label but there are a couple of small pin pricks where a label may have been.  It's difficult to determine.  Either way, it's a very quality made suit with weights, pleats, and detailed stitching.

Bag - Surrey -I'm thinking late 30's on this one.  This bag is so cute and well made.  This was one of those items where I stroll through the pages of vintage magazines admiring the ads and seeing if I can find this brand floating around the internet.  In a future post, I'll post an image of the magazine ad I found from an early 1930's vintage Vogue from Surrey bags that got me hunting for this one.  It isn't an exact match but I then knew which brand to look for and knew it would be a quality bag.  I paid $25 shipped for this lovely bag that is barely worn.  I think what I like the most about this bag is actually the brass colored knob.  The pattern is Chinese dragons.  Interesting.

Hat - ebay purchase.  I love ostrich feathers on hats so this one was priced rather cheaply that I thought I'd give this hat a shot.  I'm okay with this hat but I'm not thrilled with it so I may end up passing it on.  I think the idea with a straw hat and clutch might be a nice idea or a brown tilt hat.

Shoes -ebay purchase around $30 I believe.

Earrings -vintage filigree

Scarf -vintage chiffon

Umbrella (brass handle) -vintage ebay- this one was interesting because it had an unclaimed baggage ticket attached to it from the early 60's.  But, I'm still thinking it was originally made in the 50's.  Isn't it funny that this umbrella hasn't been used since the early 60's?

Aren't these buttons just awesome?  I think I really need to test them to see if they are Bakelite.  I haven't done this before.   They have a heaviness about them and I'm betting they are. 

Here's the dress from the ad so you can see how the outfit had a light mustard hue to it.  It is interesting how things in person can differ when you get them just do to lighting.  Still love it either way.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jean Parker

There is no date to this photograph but I am thinking mid 1930's.  The photograph is of Jean Parker.  I love these old fashion/movie promotion photographs.  The level of detail is so great to look at since a lot of the films can be blurry you can take in the details through stills.

The description reads:

"RHUMBA crepe in smart wide-shoulder frock with period puff sleeves, brown taffeta tie.  Worn with visor beret in stitched brown velvet by Jean Parker, featured MGM player."

Wouldn't it be great to see this ensemble in color and to see the brown hues?

Jean Parker played in quite a few moves in the 1930s and lived to be 90 years old.  Here is her Wikipedia entry.   She also had quite a few husbands.  It is interesting how many starlets of this period were divorced several times.

Doesn't she have some amazing eyebrows?

Love how the belt flairs out.

The puffed sleeves are such a wonderful tailored addition:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Shoes and Anticipation

I'd like to first share that I am anticipating the arrival of a "hopefully" fabulous find.   It is now in postal possession and on its way.    I feel a little like I am on a Vegas slot machine.  I'm just waiting for all those cherries to line up in a row.  Pass me a daiquiri too!  Anyone here actually ever win a big jackpot?  When I lived in Vegas, I never actually won anything big.  I think the biggest amount I won was $500 at one time.  I worked in the casino industry so I did hear about people winning big and some of the stories about people losing big too lol. 

Anyways....back to my coat story.... I'm taking a gamble on this coat.  But, I'm hoping it is an educated gamble!  I saw this coat that I believe to be a Lilli Ann that was not listed as such.  If it is indeed what I believe it to be, I scored a jackpot.  I would actually be surprised if it isn't a Lilli Ann.  I've been eyeing the Lilli Ann style of this coat for quite sometime in vintage ads and actual sale sites.   I was hoping one in this style would come up for sale at a reasonable price (which it never did until now) and I'm hoping this particular coat will be as I imagine.   Lilli Ann coats certainly have been going for large amounts lately.  I've just seen a few different varieties of Lilli Ann coats fetch over $500 on ebay recently.  In fact, a fur collar Lilli Ann just went for $1,300 on ebay.  Pretty wild!  Image is below of this $1,300 coat.  This is not the style I bought but I thought it was really interesting that this coat went for such a large amount.  

Fingers crossed that what I shall receive is a Lilli Ann coat at the fraction of the cost of it's known counterpart:)  I shall post photographs when I receive this coat.

I bought this swirl gray 1940's dress last year.  The cream sweater is by Peck and Peck.  I believe the sweater maybe from the 1950's.  These 1940's shoes I bought off of etsy.  It's actually quite interesting in two cases that I have bought shoes that were really tight when I first put them on but now fit quite nicely, this is one of those pairs of shoes.   I'd recommend a shoe stretcher to those of you who are having difficulty fitting into some of these vintage shoes.  It is a bit of a gamble buying vintage shoes as sometimes they may also be a little bit too big as well.  I think I'd rather just go back in time and grab a few pairs.   

While pouring through vintage fashion magazines, I've been putting together a list of vintage shoe manufacturers.  Of course, my list is far from complete, but it is a great search tool.  I've found a couple pairs of my vintage shoes by just looking for the manufacturer.   I've included the list below in case any of you would also like to search for some great vintage shoes by shoe maker.  This list is not all encompassing and is just a small sampling of the shoe manufacturers around at this time.

Vintage Shoe Designers (Ads seen in fashion magazines)

Sorry list is not in any particular order.

Enna Jettick Vogue 30s ad
Queen Quality early 30s
Red Cross Shoe 1921
Naturalizer 1935
Vitality Shoe 1930s
De Liso (Debs) 1939
Rice O’Neill (1939)
Lotus (1950)
Dorothy Dodd (1940s?)
Selby (1940’s start?)
Bally shoes
I. Miller shoes (1930s +)
Kays-Newport (Californian USA shoes 1940s)
Johansen 1947
H Liebes 1947
Selby shoes 1947
Paradise shoes 1947
Laird shoes 1947
Peacock shoe 1947
John marino 1947
Rhapsody shoe 1941
Lastex 1941
Marquiese Shoes 1940
TreadEasy shoes 1948
Natural Bridge Shoe 1949
Newton Elkin 1949
Valentines Shoe 1949
Jacquelines Wohl shoe 1949
Tweedies 1949

Lilli Ann coat that just sold for $1,300!  This is not the type I am receiving but certainly went for a lot more than I'd expect.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Adrian Look 1947

I am exploring the year 1947 in fashion.  Ahh, all the beautiful collections and of this year!  I have the Vogue issue from April 1947 when Vogue first discussed Dior's new collection (the New Look)which I will share images of in a future post and within this issue is the forever fabulous Adrian.  

In the scheme of things, there really are not a lot of images out there in internet land of Adrian gowns.  Also, in general, you don't see many Adrian gowns/dresses or suits come up for sale.  Of course, I can understand why.

I have more articles to share on this iconic designer in the future.  I thought I'd share these images that are all from one issue April 1947 Vogue.   As you read the passage of "The Adrian Look For 1947", don't you truly get the feeling of art and form of clothing?  It's amazing.  So much a different mentality than today.

For lots more Adrian eye candy, please also check out my Pinterest Board.   I've also posted an article from Adrian here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Think There Is A Market For Vintage Couture Patterns?

Not quite finished yet as the auction is near an end but I couldn't help but share this...

Schiaparelli (pattern only!)  now at $510

I think Vogue patterns should seriously consider re-releasing some of these designer patterns.  They really are hot sellers.  The Jacques Fath patterns fetch around $200 too!  This dress pattern is amazing.  I'd love to see the actual dresses created from some of these patterns!  I'm wondering if there would be copyright problems and this is why they don't.  I love this style with the draping cape.  Fabulous!

I picked up this pattern a couple months ago and hope to attempt it one day in the future.  I paid $15 as a BIN and quickly swiped it up.  I have pulled it out of it's slip case and I realize how fragile the tissue paper is so I will be curious how successful it is to work with these old patterns that were never meant to last this long.

Have any of you had success using vintage sewing patterns?  Also, have any of you made a period designer dress from a pattern?

Friday, March 15, 2013

V for Victory

I thought I would share this lovely hat.   It wasn't listed as a "Victory" hat when I bought it, but you can clearly see it has the patriotic V attached to it.  I also love the splash of red from the feather.

Coat is from the 1930's.   It's great to wear when the weather is a little nippy (or a lot nippy).   The coat does have a glamourous feel about it and I certainly feel transported when I wear it.  My husband isn't a big fan of fur but I find that accents of fur can be quite glamourous and this type of look was so much apart of the 30's and 40s that I just adore this coat. I was going to wear it into the city one day awhile back and my husband thought I'd get sprayed or something.  I thought he was a little extreme about it lol.  Have any of you had any rude encounters wearing vintage fur?   I'm like most vintage clothing lovers in that I wouldn't buy today's fur but why not enjoy this slice of history?  I'd much rather wear this coat than a fake fur accent from a Made In China coat from a department store. 

On a different note, I've been hard at work trying to create some looks for an upcoming photo shoot.  I want to recreate "the New Look" outfit I've blogged about in the past.  I've been trying to avoid the corset route as it's difficult to maneuver in these buggers.  I've tried a retro girdle to see what effect this has and although subtle the corset is better.  I have to do some more thinking about this.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work In Process

It's a rainy day here in NY.

I know I'm going to skip around between Great Gatsby and Dior but what a skip eh?

Check out this fabulous head band that Tiffany will be doing for Great Gatsby.  There will be a line of the deco inspired jewelry coming out soon.  This will be so lovely to see.  I can't wait to see this movie!  I'm sure it will also become part of my DVD collection.

I am just so enthralled by Dior's New Look collection 1947.  I'd just love to look at one of these garments up close one day!  I hope the MET puts on a display soon!

Today, I working on gathering the materials I need to add the hip padding to my "New Look" jacket.   Check this out, I need  "Heavy hair canvas, buckram, and heavy muslin".   This is going to be interesting.  I've never heard of heavy hair canvas or buckram.     I'm going to buy everything I need at Vogue Fabrics since it beats looking around here and there.  They even have a section on building your own corset.  Don't think I'd be up for that one!

The shoulder padding is a little tricky.  I'm trying to figure out a slopped padding.

Some YouTube Clips of "New Look" fashion..

This is in German but still wonderful to watch.  Sign me up for any of these grand beauties <sigh>.

Here's a look at a recent photoshoot on "The Bar" suit:

This is a fabulous video because I can see a period undergarment padding and corset view.  Music is horrible:P

Friday, March 8, 2013

Deco Beauty

Continuing with my on-going series of vintage photograph analysis, my latest image is of a deco beauty.  I hope you all like looking at the details in these 8 x 10 images.  I sometimes find that when you see these photographs on a small screen that it is more difficult to take in all the details.  Thus, I am enjoying sectioning off the images to revel more in the details and textures.  Almost, like you are allowed to come and touch the lady, but only for a minute for you don't want to disturb the photo shoot.

This image is from an 8 x 10 photograph I won on ebay.  I like to purchase the original images (and not the ones that are copies or  recent reprocessed images) as I find it fascinating they have lasted this long. You do see quite a few vintage photographs that have faded and it is difficult to see the details.  I am not quite sure who this deco beauty is but I was thinking she looks similar to Gloria Swanson.  If you know who she is, please let me know.  I think her eyes are just shaped a little differently than Gloria's but the nose and mouth shape is quite similar.  I've included some pictures below of Gloria so you can compare.  What do you think?  Think it's Gloria?

This is such a great image to revel in the details.  I wonder what movie this came from?  She is holding an ostrich feather fan and I love that you can just make out the deco gems harmoniously linked on her arm.  You can also tell that her outfit is made from a lighter tone plush velvet and accented with a kind of fir trim around her neck.   Her headpiece is amazing.  Check out the exquisite detail in the gem stone beading.  The headband base looks like it might be made of silk.  I also find the trim going down her back to be very charming.  The rhinestones are placed in a zigzag pattern.  Her look is quite sweet.  I wonder what the photographer was saying to her, what he wanted her to portray?  She seems quite relaxed and her eyes, even though she isn't looking directly at us, are very sentimental.

You can almost feel the soft texture of the ostrich plums.  I just find it amazing the level of detail that you can see from a photograph that is nearly 100 years old!

Love Gloria's outfit.  I thought the crown above was quite similar to this one but the makeup style is completely different.  This fan that Gloria is holding is so artistically marvelous.  The splaying of feathers really ads to the glamour of the portrait.

******Update maybe it's Edwina Booth?****