Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Visions of the 1930s

I'm  captivated with the late 1930's.  The style was so refined and feminine with the tail end of deco influencing the fashion.    I could spend countless hours pouring over the fashion magazines of this period.  Wouldn't it be nice to shop in some of the department stores of this era?

My Outfit

 My kids quite like this hat so it's fun when I put it on and they comment on it.   My daughter also loves this coat.  She says it looks nice and fuzzy.  This is my first fur coat and it is from the 1930's.   It honestly does take a bit of getting used too, to delve into fur.  Of course, I would never buy today's fur.  I kind of feel like a lot of my vintage counter parts in that it is already here and a part of history so why not enjoy the beauty and history of it?  Fur does have a glamourous quality about it and was such a big part of the 1930's in terms of fashion history.   My husband isn't a big fan of any kind of fur but sometimes you just have to experiment and wear things for your own enjoyment:)

While I was searching out vintage Vogue fashion magazines, I came to hear of the movie "Vogues of 1938".   This movie sounded intriguing.   I set out to see if I could watch it on YouTube or some other means and found the only way I could see it is by purchasing the DVD.  It sat in my Amazon cart for awhile until one particular day when I thought  I'd really like to see this movie, what am I waiting for?    So, the DVD arrived and I've watched it a few times already.  It's a great classic fashion movie.   I don't regret buying the DVD.   It's so fascinating to see the styles and fashion as they are played out on film.  I love taking a step back in time and seeing these actors/actresses in 30s styles and I especially like it when they film in location shots and you can also try and absorb details in the background hoping to get tiny glimpses into the daily life of the 30's.  The dialect, the mood, the style, the body language all different than today.   Certainly, a trip down a historical path (as are most movies of these times).   This movie is based upon a fashion designer so there are many great gowns and outfits presented.  Of course, the hats are also amazing and are designed by Sally Milgrim .   I also enjoyed the cabaret feel as the actors visited different types of music venues of the day.    Of course, the storyline is different than you would see in a movie of today but I think this is what is charming.  You have to take in all the elements of the movie. I'd certainly recommend this movie for the 3o's fashionista. 

One criticism I would have about the movie is that I wish it was a re-mastered version as it would certainly be glorious to see these styles in a detailed fashion but it was in Technicolor!  

Next on my agenda the old and new version of "Mildred Pierce".

Max Factor promo shot for "Vogues of 1938"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts, Musing, and Photographs

After my photo shoot disaster, I wanted to have other images taken of the outfit that I wore to the photography session so that I could capture how truly remarkable this suit really is.   I really do look at these vintage clothes as forms of art.  We are actually quite lucky, as this generation, to be able to feel, touch, and enjoy this small slice of this textile heaven.  In 100 years, it will mainly be image form for these gems.  So, think about how fortunate you are to be able to wear your vintage garments from the 50's and earlier?  Think also about how some of your outfits are so well made and how fascinating it is that they are  60, 70 years old.  Amazing!  Considering, I'm sure the thoughts were not there by the designers that they should be worn by us today:)   

I could get really into philosophy here about how we incorporate our senses.   We are fortunate to be able to immerse ourselves into a particular vintage experience (journey?).  When this thought entered my mind, I immediately went back to the thoughts of art history and in particular those artists that wanted the viewers to actually be apart of the artwork, like Jennifer Bartlett.  I immediately thought of her series of work  "boats" where she painted and constructed the objects to extend beyond the painting.    I feel like this with vintage clothing.  We actually get to participate in a piece of history by wearing these garments.   We get to "extend" beyond the frames of an artist canvas and are able to physically partake and appreciate our vintage experiences.

Yesterday, I was reading on Gertie's blog about the inside of a contemporary jacket and also how she deconstructed a 40s jacket. It's really quite remarkable even if you aren't a seamstress so go take a peak.   Her images and descriptions are really interesting and you almost feel like you are in one of her classes for the day.  I admire that she is able to really get into the nitty gritty and understand these vintage tailoring concepts.  It certainly is far beyond me but I do love to read about it all.

Lilli Ann Suit

The suit I am wearing below is just amazing and I can't get over how the rhinestones still sparkle after 60 years!   This Lilli Ann suit I saw on Etsy and really didn't think twice about buying it right away as I have come to understand the Lilli Ann market and knew I didn't have much time to think about it.  I feel like I probably paid half of what the true value is of this remarkable suit but of course, it shall remain in my closet.   This outfit is a classic 50's style.   The Dior hat was also a quick, do not pass go, run for it purchase $35.  This was not the hat that I used for my photo shoot as I subsequently purchased this hat and I'd have to say it's my favorite wide brimmed hat at the moment.

I do not have the matching ad for the Lilli Ann suit but if I see something similar pop up I will be sure to share the match.

Composition wise, this photograph below is my favorite.

My gloves I found at a vintage shop in Michigan and are quite special as they had the old Hudson's tag still attached to them and I can quite imagine how women back in the day would go to Detroit to shop, which of course would not happen now.  They have a lovely zig zag stitch embellishment.

The umbrella is a vintage 50's Saks umbrella found on ebay.  These vintage umbrella's are an art form in themselves and I've been enjoying collecting just the right ones.   This one has a rose motif.  You would think classic ladies umbrella's would be easy to find but they aren't and you just have to be lucky to find one when you can, especially in good working order.

A comparison (with scarfs) to John Rawlings iconic image (my favorite fashion photographer).  I actively sought out a striped and a red scarf because I was so impressed by the color combination displayed below.  I hope to be able to recreate this image one day in the future.   I'm quite mesmerized by this photograph and I've discussed it here.

A PicMonkey image:

Black and white and the original in color:

I added the small rhinestones to the ends of the cuffs as the cuff has a french cuff like appearance and it helps to keep the edges crisp.  The rhinestone buttons on the cuff are vintage.  The rhinestones on the collar and bottom of the jacket are original to the Lilli Ann design and still sparkle and shine like it was made yesterday.

 Adieu fare friends!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion Inspiration Vogue October 1952

A trip to October 1952, via Vogue:
Ready for glamour?

Hattie Carnegie ball gown...fabulous!  Don't you wonder where all these ladies went so decked out?  I wonder if it was weekly trips to the Stork Club.  

Please sign me up for this princess coat.  Hat is perfect too.  This is the difficulty with these vintage magazines, I can only look and not see these gems in person!

Great idea about scatter pins on the belt, I shall use this idea in the future:)  The photograph is taken by Rawlings so of course, it's perfection!  Amazing how a simple composition can imply such elegance.

Great Lilli Ann ad, this was the first time I've seen this suit.  I also added it to Pinterest in case any of you would like to follow.  In all honesty though, I don't think I would like to personally own this particular suit but I love this ad and of course have the utmost appreciation for Lilli Ann!  Pose is perfect!

I love gauntlet gloves <sigh>.

He's so cute, I'd take him home to mom too!

What a great cover!  Figured I'd also through this into the mix.  I think it's 1945.  I'll have to double check.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vintage Finds

I went back to the consignment store today to try to sell some clothing and I was really quite surprised at the amount of things she wouldn't accept...geeze.  I ended up consigning two pairs of shoes and two pieces of clothing, not much.  I guess ebay is the way to go!  So, I'm going to sell a few things on there.  It's not really vintage items I'm looking to sell but there are some nice brand names like Eileen Fisher.

One of the jackets I wanted to consign had a tiny hole in it not that big of a deal.  I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out.  It is rather tiny.  But, then it got me spooked about moths.  Has anyone ever had moth damage in their house?  I really don't believe I have this problem as it was one tiny hole and the jacket was hanging in my bedroom closet and the small hole really could have been from anything but it did get me thinking about moths.  I'd sure not like it if they attacked something of value.  But, I would think you'd actually see them?  It also seems like this is more of a problem of the past  than present day?  I guess this is something to understand more but it does creep me out lol.

Anyways back to vintage finds:

I wanted to share with you what I bought yesterday.

Yellow scarf -vintage shop  $10
Vintage hat with nice rhinestone clips -vintage shop $38
Vintage yellow tone rhinestones brooch -consignment shop $12

Amazing how the brooch and the hat clips both seemed to match:)

Vintage shop pictures taken on my phone:  

Not the greatest of picture quality but gives you an impression of the local vintage shop near where I live.  I'd say this is mainly a vintage 70s and 80s but the jewelry section was eclectic.   I don't go too often because it is more 70s and 80s but it's always fun to have a bit of a rummage.

Ms. Boop greeting you on the way in:

The dresses were mainly 80s but they did have a small section on 40s and 50s but there wasn't anything that particularly interested me.  I would certainly say that if you were looking for a prom dress this would be an excellent place to check out.

A lovely 50's dress.

Tons of jewelry to look at:

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Tartan Adventure

Yesterday, we went to a small local park in-between running the weekend errands.  It has been awhile since I have posted a vintage ad to actual garment and I was excited to try this out at the park. This is something that I love to make connections with.  It has become a mini-hobby.  The tartan suit is from Urban Suburban by Moordale.  I have to sew some small seam repairs as it is separating in a couple of areas.  This suit was bought with the ad <perfect>.

Suit & Vintag Ad - Urban Suburban Moordale Ebay 
Scarf -Vintage Etsy
Hat -Vintage (either ebay or Etsy)
Gloves - from a dear friend 
Scarf clip -Deco 30's Etsy
Ring -Vintage Italian mosaic vintage shop Michigan
Pearl Braclet- 50's vintage
Panty Hose -Wolford on sale
Shoes -Etsy under $50 awesome find 40's
Wool Muff - Vintage Etsy 

I couldn't 100% decide which recreation pose I liked better so I figured I'd showcase them both.  My husband prefers the first one and I prefer the second one.  I made some adaptations to the style.

The original ad below, suit originally priced at $65.  I wish I did have the matching petticoat included this would have been glorious but my version is skirt and blazer.  I did wear a petticoat but not like the lovely one pictured.  Not complaining though:):

Art deco scarf clip etsy purchase.

Love the XO button detail

I love these shoes because they can also easily be applied to the 1930's.  While I was tightening the laces I pulled too hard on one of the shoe laces and broke it.  You forgot how delicate these vintage items can be.  So, I sat there with a broken shoe lace thinking to myself "Oh great, what do I do now?" Then, I thought I'll just knot it and it seems to work:)  I'll have to scout out for a replacement shoe laces.

Lilli Ann coat:

I'll end the post in my favorite photograph taken at the park: