Monday, April 13, 2015

From New York to Australia, The Traveling Dress Continues!!

Very exciting!  The sisterhood of the vintage dress made a final USA stop with Desiree of Pop-o-matic Deluxe and then off to Australia with its first stop with Bonita of Lavender and Twill.  Ladies, this is so exciting to see how you all style this dress.  Thank you to all who have participated and who are going to participate!!  This has been a big highlight of my blog and means a great deal to me.  I love this!

If you'd like to catch some of the previous travels, here they are.

Desiree styled the lovely dress with a lovely powdery blue cardigan and check out those cute little sweater clips!  Thank you, Desiree for showing us how a cute cardi looks with the dress:)

Then, off to the first stop in Australia with Bonita.  Bonita, your hair is amazing and look at that lovely pastel pink tilt hat you incorporated into the style!

Thank you ladies, loving all these journeys and I know all the readers are too!!  This really is a true "sisterhood" dress.  All these amazing styles and different ways to see the dress.   More to come from Australia...stay tuned....