Friday, September 21, 2012

Harper's Bazaar March 1951

A while back I noted that I had a small collection of "beater" Harper's Bazaars.  Here is another issue from March 1951.   It is interesting how, in general, vintage Harper's command more than Vogue.  I must say they are jammed pack with great photography and ads.

Here is a trip to March 1951...

Love the angles

Photo spread near Rockefeller NYC..

Look at this bag!!!  It's so timeless.  I'd love this bag right now.  Just perfect!!  I would never have guessed it was a bag from 1951.

Christian Dior dress:  

I love this ad.  Every time I look at this particular issue of Bazaar, I come to this ad and  I am drawn to the beauty of the necklace she is wearing. I've actually tried to find something similar to this and have been unsuccessful so far.

Read up on suit trends:

Of course, we had to add in Jacques Fath, how about some lovely gloves?

I know this page is beat up but I just adore Lilli Ann.. sign me up for this suit!

Balenciaga beauties:

Jacques Fath and Jean Desses

Cover to issue:


  1. I love the fashion 'architecture'. My favorite is the Parisian Innovations page!

  2. There is such an unending source of inspiration to be had from these sophisticated, timelessly beautiful looks. From colour combos to accessory ideas, I know I'll be coming back to this (bookmarked, natch!) post time and time again.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. just awesome ... i found some german sewing magazines from the mid/late 50s ... posted the first pictures today.

  4. What a fascinating selection, I'd love a time machine just for one day to have seen these ladies :)