Saturday, September 28, 2013

Future Projects And Vogue Pattern Book 1951

I missed the "Fall For Cotton" challenge.  As I begin to type this blog post, I have surrounded myself with a bunch of patterns trying to decide what I might do next.  I thought I had a particular pattern I wanted to do but had too much perplexity about finding a fabric for it so I guess it just isn't this pattern's time.  It sometimes becomes overwhelming to find just the right fabric.  I find myself wanting to pick out the same types of styles as what is on the pattern envelope because one of the reasons I bought the particular pattern is because I like the complete style:)

I was very fortunate to happen upon a copy of Vogue's New Book For Better Sewing at a decent price.  Of course, it isn't in the best of shape but I paid probably half of what they go for so I'm quite happy to have this copy.  I thought in getting this book it was about tips and tricks to sewing but it is actually a detailed look at some various patterns that were out in 1952.

You can see all the images to the pattern styles on Gertie's website.  I'm not sure if Gertie ever did find all the patterns from the book but she certainly made some beautiful things.

As I was scanning through the pages of this wonderful book,  I came to this image and thought how much I really loved this dress and thought that this would be the one I'd most like to make out of the book.  I thought that I would one day like to find this dress pattern.  So, I began to search around and I realized quite quickly that it is not easy to find the patterns from this book!  I wonder if anyone out there actually has them all?

Then a few weeks after buying this book, I was searching around for the above pattern and found it.    Oh joy!  This will be a fun dress to learn from. This pattern will certainly give me practice on covered buttons.  I wouldn't mind to have this dress in every common core color.  Hey, why not throw in a couple of novelty prints too?  

I am quite sure it would take a lot of skill to match up the seams on this dress with the striped pattern they show on this envelope.  Gosh just look at how the stripes would need to be matched up!  I think I'll stick to a solid color for the first go around.

I find in addition to vintage fashion magazines that Vogue Pattern Books are a wealth of fashion information.  It is amazing how well these dresses were designed.  So much different than going into a shop today and buying a dress.

As I was browsing through this book from 1951, I saw this image below and immediately fell in love with this dress.  How grand is this dress???  I just love to see the actual dresses on models, so this was indeed a rare treat to not just see an illustration.  So, I set out to see if I could find the pattern.

Low and behold, I found one lonely copy of this pattern!  So, this will certainly be a dress that I will try out in the future.  The sleeve caps are so interesting.

Within this pattern book was also the below images,  how cute are these bow accents on this dress?

There is this wonderful dress again in shades of green.  Although, I do prefer this dress in red.

I can only dare to imagine how much some of these patterns below would command today!!!

In all honesty, it would be difficult for me to wear a saucer hat with a little stick sticking out of the top.  Have any of you worn hats like this?  But, I can also say this model looks glamourous and gorgeous none the less.

A Schiaparelli Pattern, I dare to guess the amount this would sell for today too!

My next post, I will share scanned images from a 38/39 Vogue Pattern Book.     I'm not sure of the exact year as I bought it coverless.  But, it contains a wealth of great images to share!  I'll also share a couple of patterns I am thinking about starting on next.  I don't think I am quite ready to start out on the patterns above but they are high on my list.  I still haven't quite yet decided what to do.  


  1. Lucky you to find those patterns! And that Schiaparelli design is amazing! I'm looking forward to your next project, whatever it might be!

  2. Come back summer, come back!!! That's my first thought when I see the warm weather garments here. It seems dear summer vanished into thin air faster than I could blink this year. We've gone from warm enough to tan to nearly freezing in a matter of days (yikes!). There are plenty of styles here though that would work for fall, especially the beautiful suits, and of course many of the more summery pieces could have a cardi, shawl, jacket, tights, etc added to them to see them through colder months, too. They're all so timelessly lovely and inspiring, thank you very much for sharing these breathtaking images, sweet Joanna.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I think by the time I would get to one of these dresses it may just be springtime again:)

  3. So many drool-worthy frocks! I just love the red polka dotted dress with those fabulous sleeves. Good luck deciding which to attempt next. :)

  4. Stunning, stunning photos! You must have a fantastic collection of magazines now! Yeah! I think I have to invest in a proper scanner at some point-the pages look so great! xox

  5. I adore Vogue patterns. I have a fair few stashed away, but I don't have the confidence to attempt any but the most basic ones as the fit is so exactly cut. The one you identified as wanting to make looks beautiful and I was slightly amused that your response to the prospect of making it, along with the covered buttons was 'fun to learn from' - whereas mine was "look how many covered buttons there are - they look really tricky!"

    1. I haven't yet attempted a Vogue vintage pattern so maybe I have too many visions of grandeur:) I very much want to practice covered buttons. It's such a nice added touch.

  6. What a beautiful patterns. Love all the dresses.

  7. Oh my gosh there are so many! I would be overwhelmed and want to start everything all at once!

  8. Wonderful wonderful wonderful dresses! These patterns are amazing.