Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1947 California Dreamin' Miss Hollywood Jr Style

I realize it has been awhile since I've had my last fashion photography flashback.  How better to bring back this ongoing series with this wonderful image below.  

This is a press photograph taken from 1947.  How lovely are these ladies dressed?   I can just imagine what they must have looked like in full color.  It would be lovely to see the colors of red and blue in this mix.   I also find the backdrop fascinating with the palm tree and Arrowhead Hotel cabana area just behind these lovely ladies.  You can almost feel the rays of vintage sunshine!   California couture during the late 40s was so very enchanting and I've discussed it briefly in other posts how some amazing American designers were starting to make their mark and there were even a couple of great magazines "California Stylist" and "The Californian" that were directly marketed  at California style.   

I think I'm also very much drawn to this image because they are all dressed so charmingly in different styles of suits.

Here is the caption from the reverse of the photograph:


The Newest In Spring Suits –were shown at the Miss Hollywood Junior “Toast to Mexico” fashion display recently held at the popular Arrowhead Springs Hotel in Southern California, Left to right “La leina” is the the name given this suit, fashioned of Quartz blue and Matador black Botany flannel.  The matching blue Milan hat is by 11 Strann.  The model is Helene Willys.   “Estrelita” is the “little star” in any woman’s wardrobe, the second in this group of new styles.  Cortez gold gabardine is the material used and the on-button closing is featured on the coat.  The model is Carolyn Collins.  Third in the line is a suit of Adobe beige gabardine with skirt of Pottern brown gabardine, featuring the longer line jacket with back flare.  Model is Jean Chequette.  Grey Botany flannel was used for this bolero suit, with interesting trim of Toreador red silk cord and tassels.   A straw hat of red, featuring a high-ribboned trim of matching red was worn by model Dorothea Conner (Connor?).   “Senorita” is the name of the Pottery brown Botany gabardine suit, trimmed with Adobe beige, featuring the longer jacket with buttons up the front.  Worn with the suit by Model Peggy Loya is Phil Strann’s Pottery brown baku hat.

I googled each of the young ladies in the photograph hoping to find something on them but didn't have any luck.

I did also find that the lovely Janie of AtomicRedHead has a "Miss Hollywood Jr" dress!  At first I thought this was some kind of pageant due to the name "Miss Hollywood", but it's actually a fashion label.  Very interesting, indeed.  I'd love to learn more about this label.

I also wanted to zoom in on some of the details so you all could get a better look.

How cute is that tassel brooch?

I just love 40's shoe wear!

I was able to find some vintage images of the location shoot of this image.  Wouldn't this have been a grand place to stay?  I was actually surprised at how "modern" this hotel looked.   These images below are mainly from 1940 (with the exception of the third photograph of the swimming pool).


  1. Joanna,
    These ladies are adorable. They represent everything I'm trying to achieve in my personal style. Like yourself, I'd love to see them in "technocolor" - to gain the sight of the colors they're wearing; I'd love to see their combinations.
    One more thong I'd love: to visit them in THAT very mantion. It looks like a true resort, and a little slice of heavenly peace.


    1. Shall I reserve a room? I'll meet you at the cabana. There is just something wonderful about vintage California that I am drawn too. I can quite imagine how things in California were different back then as they are now. There is something special about California sunshine.

  2. I'm like falling off my chair these are so marvelous! I would wear all of these outfits! Head to toe! Gosh! "Cortez gold gabardine" What a description! Like you said, imagining these in color! Oh my!

    Thanks for the link! I really fell in love with the design of the label - labels are sometimes little works of art! Not to mention the dress was to die for! And now after seeing more of the designs from this company, I want it all!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I can quite imagine you in one of these creations dear Janey, I'm thinking the tassel brooch is totally you:)

  3. They are so awesomely lovely! I just adore the fact that they're holding hands - it adds an unexpected dose of sweetness and innocence to a photo of completely chic adult ladies. Wonderful photo find, dear Joanna, thank you very much for shining the spotlight on it.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love this photograph as well, such a sense of warmth and happy times.

  4. Oh my gosh, I would kill for the second suit from the right!!! Wow!!!