Friday, January 3, 2014

Glamour Magazine 1947

Some wonderful images from Glamour Magazine 1947.  Please also visit my FB page for more fashion images and resources.

A wonderful blouse and actually quite modern in appearance.

Rare color image.  Love this royal blue.


  1. How lovely! My favorite is the June Fox dress with the great pockets! I'm a sucker for pockets.

  2. I also love that June Fox dress, but all of those hooded sweaters are amazing too! I have a dress very similar to the one in the last ad- very neat to see it in print! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love vintage magazines so much!!!
    Late 40's, early 50's are my favorites.

  4. Such lovely fashions. Like the June Fox and butterfly dresses, the horizontal stripe Californian Design skirt and the Hudson's suits. Yes please to them all!

  5. These are all so fabulous! Naturally, my eye lit up like fireworks when I saw the 40s ski wear ones, but they all appeal to me (very much including the gal sporting a necktie-esque scar in the Famous-Barr ad, I've always wanted to work up the courage to wear a menswear style necktie with one of my vintage ensembles, but haven't reached that point yet).

    ♥ Jessica