Thursday, October 2, 2014

Princess Coat Press Photograph

I thought I might share with you today a press photograph for a princess coat.  I'm not sure the purpose of this photograph as there really isn't any information on the back.  Just an interesting look back at an early 1950s princess coat.  What I also like about this photograph is that the model is very natural looking in appearance not really a "super model" type.  It's like you could picture her walking down a busy street in everyday vintage life. 


  1. You sure she wasn't in the press for knocking-off her husband? She looks tough, and satisfied with herself! You know, she got the insurance payment, went to Jordan Marsh, and got herself something classy to wear for the funeral. She probably beat his head in with one of those shoes (vintage shoes had substantial heels).

    Great coat though.

    1. A great film noir story in the making:) Yes, she has quite a mysterious look about her, but she is probably just thinking about fish sticks and a cup of tea:)

  2. Such a great picture! The coat is beautifuls, as is the lady wearing it!

  3. That's a really interesting photo. It reminds me a bit of the "off the street" modeling that designers will sometimes do for their campaigns. It's interesting how just seeing a more normal looking (but still very pretty!) person can help you really envision something on yourself.
    Sadly, I don't have a princess style coat, but sometimes I'll try to duplicate the effect by belting a double breasted military style one that I have.