Friday, June 22, 2012

Inspired by Vintage

I bought a pair of lovely vintage Mary Jane swing shoes off of Etsy from the 1940's that appear to be barely worn.   It's so fascinating to know these shoes are from the 40's when swing music was in full gear!  The shoe is very quality made.  This is what I am looking forward to about shopping vintage is the quality of the garments and shoes.  

I have been browsing some really fantastic blogs on women who dress in vintage 40's clothing and it is so inspiring.  Since I can remember, I've loved this time period.  In fact, I have a bunch of CD's from the swing area that I should pull out and start playing:)   I'm also going to watch a couple of vintage movies with swing dancing.  I remember dragging my friend off to a big band swing dance in the 90's but when we got there we were the youngest ones.  I think everyone there was retired.  They were all so sweet and they were amused that we liked the music so much to come.

Here are a couple of eye catching items I found.  This dress certainly puts me in the 40's.   I love the richness of the colors.  I would love this dress but they don't ship to the USA.

Link to shop

Look how fab this is a matching bag and shoes!  I know it's pretty pricey but how often do you see something as nice as this?  The straps on the shoe are awesome.   I love this bag too!  But, alas, the shoes are not my size so no more temptation needed.

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