Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vintage Bow Clips

My next quest is to put together a vintage outfit.  I'd really like a kind of 40's swing outfit but if I see an awesome dress from the 50's, I will let the path lead me where it may.  Vintage bags and rhinestones are so affordable.  You can get some really beautiful bags, quality made, barely used from the 40's and 50's for less than $100 and $100 would be an awesome beaded bag.  I'm thinking even $50 for a nice decent bag.  I just picked the bag below off of ebay for $40 shipped and it's silk and in mint condition.   I bet even at the local vintage market there are some beautiful bags for under $20.
Here is a nice bag on Etsy for $20.

The dress is a little bit more difficult.  I've been looking but haven't quite found the one I want yet.

I love rhinestones and all things that sparkle:)  Also, lately I've had a fascination with bows.   So, what a better thing to search for than vintage rhinestone bows:)  There are so many great ideas for incorporating vintage rhinestones into your accessories.  The great thing is they are also very affordable!   While I was looking around at vintage rhinestone accessories, I came across bow clips for shoes.  I had no idea this was in fashion in the 40's.  In fact, I had no idea about rhinestone shoe clips...what a great idea!   I won these lovely clips below.  When they arrive, I will be sure to take a picture of them.

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