Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fancy shopping 1954 style?

I picked up this Spiegel Catalog from Winter of 1954.  They sold just about everything from clothing to furniture to even livestock!  I wonder if the clothing tags all said Spiegel too.

I think if I was catalog shopping, I'd pick up this blouse.  This blouse would be $16.61.  Not to shabby.

I also like this blouse, add this to my shopping list at $41.78

I think I might also like this dress priced at $5.98. "Soft suede finish cotton flannel in gay harlequin print and sparkling with bright white turtle neck collar and turn up cuffs takes you happily through the year".  Couldn't have said it better myself:)  Added to my shopping cart.

Ahhh what the heck, I'd like this nice fall coat too.  "Rich color combinations..excellent buy!  Beautiful luxury look style.  Iridescent rayon and acetate taffeta lined"  $20.  In today's dollars that is  $167, but I'm worth it:)  On with the shopping....

Kinda like this little blouse too priced at $3.98 which would be $33 in today's money.

Other images, for your shopping enjoyment:

And, we can't forget the piggies, if you'd like to start your own farm!


  1. Must stop swooning long enough to compose comment... :) My stars those are some sublimely stylish mid-50s pieces, every last one of which I would joyfully wear.

    Awesome find on this catalog - thank you so much for sharing some of its choicest pages with us. I adored seeing them.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. OOOhhh, recently inherited a large quantity of grey "camelhair" similar to coat in first pix (though love the blue coat pix #6) - my brain is ticking...!

  3. These are so fun to look at aren't they? The clothing back then was so well made and tailored. The fabrics were such great quality and the women always looked so pulled together. I really like the idea of living in a time when people were more "dressed" like for dinner, shopping, visiting, etc...the era we live in now is so different. We've lost this culture of dressing somehow. Maybe it's just that we're a stressed society and people are tired and don't care. Not sure....but here I am rambling! ;)

  4. aaaaaahhhhhrrrrg, this post is torture! i want to go shopping ... there are so many pieces in this magazine i would love to get.

  5. Don't you wish you could still buy all of these clothes? *sigh. Wonderful pics.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife