Monday, August 27, 2012

Elgin Compacts

I have been on the hunt for a vintage compact.  I know that there is a whole new collecting spectrum in collecting compacts.  Any of you out there collect vintage compacts?  In my quest for a compact, I came across the name Elgin.  They made compacts to suit all classes of women.  Of course, I saw this as a challenge to find a compact that would match an ad.  I'm happy to report success.  I found the compact below which sold for $7.50 in 1948.  I bought the compact on RubyLane and found the ad on ebay.  When the ad arrives, I'll be sure to take a more detailed shot.  The compact would sell for $72 in today's dollars.  I paid  $29.   The compact was for "dressier daytime".  Maybe at some point I will find the other two in the ad, now wouldn't this be cool?

This compact below is a true work of art and is shown on  It has sold and I'm curious what it sold for but it doesn't tell you the price.  The compact is also an Elgin compact.

Did you know that there was a market for musical compacts in the 50's?  I hope to pick up one in the future at a decent price.  I bought a couple of the ads for these musical compacts so when they also arrive I'll post detailed shots.  

This musical compact is for sale on ebay right now:

Another match that I saw on ebay was the following:

Compact on sale currently on ebay:

Matching ad for sale on ebay:


  1. Omg makes me wanna go rob a bank heheh J/K To die for!!!!! Love them-they are all soooo darn pretty! Great score btw! xox

  2. I think vintage compacts are often strikingly beautiful - and certainly put most modern ones to shame - but I don't really collect them, and the reason for that is my pesky nickle allergy. If I was just going to buy and use them as decorative purposes, then it wouldn't matter so much, for for day-to-day use, I need to ensure something I handle so often is nickel-free, and with metal compacts that can be tricky (unless you're fortunate enough to be able to find out exactly what they're made of).

    But enough about moi! Your new (to you) compact is a total gem - and, as always, I'm floored and completely impressed by the fact that you were able to find something that you have a vintage image of.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. So sorry to hear about your nickel allergy. I bet this can be a bit of a pain when handling money. I guess this makes wearing 50s gloves all the more special:)))

  3. Very nice, Joanna. I like vintage compacts too. My mom gave me a square mother of pearl one that looks like it has different prisms. Its so pretty and delicate I'm almost afraid to use it!
    I love the design of yours.

  4. Very cool - I love vintage trinkets :)