Monday, September 17, 2012

Photography Tips 50's Style

Hello sweet vintage souls:)

I was thinking about how things happen for reasons and how there are certain reoccurring symbols that  pop up in life.  The years 1944 and a fuzzy line of 1953/1954 seem to resonate with me, especially 1944.  I find the year 1944 popping up the most for me even taking out the war reference.  So, I do ponder why this particular year? 
I'd like to know do any of you have a year that seems to make a reoccurrence for you quite often?  And, in what way?

 Anyways on to a different topic photography....  I hope you enjoy the post below.  I found it quite fascinating to look at early 50's photography techniques and maybe you might be able to use some of these in your next pictures.

I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of photography magazines when I was rummaging through some antique shops in Michigan.  It appears there was a photography lover who had these magazines.  There was a big stack of photography magazines in the shop but I decided these two were the best.   I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks to early 50's photography.

Modern Photography (October 1953)

Even Marilyn can look glamorous in a sauna, her makeup is spot on and the placement of her hand in a relaxation pose is genius.  It's an interesting dichotomy at one instance you can feel the heat of the sauna through her body language, facial expression, and lighting; but her makeup is just so perfect that you know being in a sauna wouldn't last...but it's all about glamour:)

Does this image look like Sherilyn Fenn or what (March 1954)?

I thought this was interesting with Grace Kelly as the portraiture subject.  I hope you can click on and read the article.

Interesting look at various poses that didn't quite make the cut.  I kinda like the tilt of the head look.

The final photograph that made the cut:

This is fascinating it talks about different types of angle lights for different effects and gives the positions of the lighting equipment.  


  1. Very cool. I like how it shows how our aesthetics have altered. I compare these lighting techniques and poses to the Terry Richardson porn style and think 21st Century- go back to beauty!

  2. wow, her hairdo is amazing ... on saturdays flea market i found a bunch of sewing mags from the late 50s ... can't wait to share the beautiful dresses pictured in them with my 50s friends. ;)

  3. So the answer is yes..the years 1939, 1945 and 1949 resonant with me. Lately a friend of mine offered to make me a dress and she surprised me with picking out a pattern from my etsy and from what year...1949. Its the same year both of my parents were born!

    I love your find-I find the articles very informative and yes when you click on them you can rd them!


    1. Very interesting that there are years that also resonate with you too!

  4. These excellent tips ring as true today as they did in the 50s. The only thing that's changed (for most photographers) is that we now snap in digital, not film - but that really doesn't affect the suggestions in these examples, which make them as timeless as that gorgeous model's fashionable look.

    Love everything about this splendid post, dear Joanna, thank you.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica:) It is interesting how the face of photography has changed so much in just the last 15 years.