Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grace of Glamour Carole Lombard

There is so much written on the beautiful Carole Lombard that I figured I'd direct you to some sites and blogs that have written about her.   I thought I might share some links, images, and a period magazine.  I'll share images from the magazine in a future post.

My fellow vintage blogger Bunny wrote a great expose on Carole  here.

There is a website devoted to Carole here.   It shows her old house very interesting!

Please all go check out this website Carole and Co.  You can look for days at the images.

Carole Lombard is really the grace of glamour.   She was such a beautiful soul.  It's tragic she died so young.

This collection of nitrates sold for $20,000.  Oh, but she is so fabulous!  Look at the beauty in her poses.  I'm glad that her image and style has been immortalized in countless images.  She really knew how to pose.  Can I also say that she knew how to wear a hat too?:)

More fabulous images of Carole:

This image of Carole Lombard which I have mentioned before is  for the movie "To Be or Not To Be"(the negative) sold for $2,500.

This pin was owned by Carole Lombard and sold on ebay recently for $256.  It came with COA saying it was from her makeup artist.   Wouldn't this be something to wear? 


  1. I agree. She DOES know how to wear a hat. It's all about lines and angles, and she works them so well.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Joanna! What I like so much about her was that she was an average looking american girl but they dresses her up and took amazing photos of her-she really looked what a movie star was intended to be. xox

  3. I've always adored everything about Carol's sultry, refined, gorgeous look and deeply talented acting abilities. Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos and links with us, I'm off to go visit every one of them.

    ♥ Jessica