Sunday, November 11, 2012

V for Victory, Happy Veterans Day!

With Veterans Day being observed, I figured this was a great opportunity to show some images of "V for Victory" clothing and accessories.  It is so nice to recognize those who sacrificed so much to give us freedom and liberties.  One thing I appreciate about the 30s and 40s was the big sense of patriotism that individuals felt for their country.   I managed to find this image of  Carole Lombard out of total coincidence while searching.   It is also with sadness as I think this was her last appearance before the tragic plane crash.  I'm sure though she would be proud to be remembered for this image of wearing a "V for Victory" hat.

This 1940s suit is for sale on Etsy with many "V's" displayed in the garment.  Very lovely and you can sense the patriotism even looking at this suit!

Suit is on Etsy  here for $468.

A sterling pin "V for Victory" WW2, fascinating how it also has the morse code attached like many of the period jewelry pieces.  ebay   There are many pieces of reasonably priced "sweetheart" and patriotic "v for victory" jewelry out there.   Although the V symbols are my favorite,  I also like the eagles and airplanes.  Keep your eyes open and check them out:)

Hat sold recently on Etsy.

I recently picked up this hat and will be very happy to wear it knowing that a lady very much supported her country also wearing this hat.  It's such a piece of history.

But, of course, you can't also forget the "victory rolls" as a display of patriotism.

Happy Veterans Day!  Peace and Love!


  1. Your new hat is such an absolute beauty! I love your taste in chapeaus, as well as all manner of vintage fashion and accessories, like these fantastic pins. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for one like them for a song, and hope that I'll have a "V" brooch of my own to wear come next Remembrance Day next year.

    ♥ Jessica