Friday, June 28, 2013

A local event to attend. Could it be possible?

There is not much happens, vintage wise where I live.  In fact, not much happens at all:).  So, when I found out Dandy Wellington was headed out this way,  the children and I got dressed up to attend a lovely swing event.  It's so nice seeing a swing band in person.  I wish I could do this every weekend.  

My hat is a recent purchase and it's so remarkable that this hat has lasted so long, being straw.  Someone really took good care of this hat.  Don't you often wonder the history of your purchases?  I'd love to know the story behind this hat. The hat is from the 1930's.   The straw is a larger cross weave which makes for a fascinating pattern.  I found this hat while browsing Facebook.   I noticed that Wildfell Hall Vintage put this hat on their page.  They also have a great etsy store to visit.  I quickly inquired about it, as it really is difficult to find vintage straw hats from this period.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Manhattan Vintage Show thinking 30's appears to be handmade but of beautiful quality.  I hope one day to be able to sew like this!

Rhinestone Buckle:  I added this to the dress.  I had bought it on ebay and it had been sitting in a box just waiting to be used.  Vintage 1920's.

Gloves: Manhattan Vintage Show

Necklace:  Rubylane

Earrings:  Screw-back rhinestone

Shoes:  ReMix...gotta love ReMix shoes so comfortable

Bag:  Hand beaded celluloid.  It's just so beautiful inside too.  I don't recall if it was ebay or etsy.  But, I do remember getting it for a really good price.

My son took these pictures since my husband was not around.  I thought he did a pretty good job.  I know some could be more focused but he was a very good sport!


I set my hair in finger waves and pin curls.  I looked to inspiration from the lovely book I won from Janey,  Style Me Vintage Hair.   I thought my hair turned out quite well and I really do love the finger wave look.  I even like the look the second day as it becomes more loose and still curly (next post I'll show the second day look).

At the event:

My daughter said I looked like an alien with these glasses on.  I'd probably have to agree but still like the look, regardless:)

Here is an up close image of the dress so that you can see that it is cut into panels for a "flutter effect".  The "flutter effect" as I call it is so fun when you are walking to have kind of a sway to the bottom of your dress.  I  believe this dress was handmade but a lot of time was spent making it.  The hems were done so lovely.

I also wanted to share some more details on the bag.  Check out all the wonderful beading.  I encourage all you vintage lovers to at least have one vintage beaded bag in your collection.  It's amazing the amount of time it must have taken to bead this bag.  You just won't find this nowadays.

The inside is very interesting too with an attached little mirror cradled by a swirl of silk-type material.  I wonder if this bag was even used considering the condition of the interior.  

Here is a closing shot of the fabulous band.  Certainly well worth the event and I'm hoping to go back again next year.


  1. The dress is so lovely! I love the fabric! And your bag is cute as well! IT's in great condition!

    P.S. I nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

  2. You look gorgeous in your Great Gatsby era frock- I love the details- including the awesome (alien) glasses.

  3. Fabulous hat! I'm glad we have a local swing band here in the Capital Region.

  4. That dress is soo elegant - you look stunning :)

  5. Your entire outfit is just stunning! I adore the bag and can never resist a beaded little number like that. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. This looks so lovely and elegant. Of course you always look elegant. That's the wonderful thing about vintage!

  7. You look fabulous! Love this dress and the hat is amazing. Well done to your son on his photo taking, I think he did a terrific job.

  8. The dress is amazing! You did a fabulous job and so happy to hear everyone enjoyed themselves-yeah!!!! xox

  9. Your hat is such a classic gem - and is in such great shape! It looks sturdier and like it will withstand the test of time better than the pair of matching straw hats I bought earlier this year (they're great and still in good shape, but not terrible strong or made of thick straw).

    This whole ensemble is magical - so summery, sophisticated and gorgeous! That purse will have me swooning up a storm for the rest of the day (and then some). What a show-stopping, museum exhibit worthy piece.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. What a beautiful tea dress! You look like you're about to head out on the lawn (in the 1930's)for a spot of Pimms and some yummy little dainties. Your hair turned out well- I'm always jealous of girls who can wear 20-30's hair- I can not. Thanks for the Leibster nomination, very kind of you, I will set my mind to fulfilling the requirements over the next week or holidays here, I'm working most of them but want to spend the rest with my darlings. xx Shauna
    P.S- that bag is perfect with your dress, such wonderful colours

  11. Wow! This dress is just stunning and you look wonderful in it! I adore the hat too!

    What a delightful event to attend as well!!


  12. This would be so much fun! And I must say, I love this era on you! The lightweight, bias cut of the 30s is super flattering and feminine.

  13. I'm a huge fan of Dandy Wellington and of Wildfell Hall! I try to see him at least once or twice a month. You made out really well.