Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Well "Suited" Series

What would vintage glamour be without a well fitted suit?   If you haven't been following my blog long, you will learn that I am fascinated with vintage suits.  These glamourous pieces of artistic fashion were an integral part of fashion over many decades.  It's so fascinating to see how the styles changed but above all the glamour remained.  In today's word of make it fast and cheap, the cultured tailoring of suits has diminished.  Of course, I'm sure that you could still visit a boutique and find a well made piece but they aren't easily accessible.  I can tell you from personal experience that when you do find a vintage suit that fits, a veil of glamour also follows, add your accessories and welcome to the world of vintage charm!

When I see the right vintage suit in these vintage fashion spreads, my heart skips a beat!  There is just such a refined elegance about a suit.

I'm going to start a series of posts about the vintage suit.  I'll have to think of a nice catchy phrase.
I think I could even have an entire blog devoted to suits and never get through their fashionable impact.

So, I'd like to start off with some suits from vintage fashion magazines....

I'm going to start out with some fashionable suits from the l930's and early 40's.

I also have a Pinterest board with vintage suits which I will put some of these images too.  Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest too!  Link is on the sidebar.

A future post, I'll also discuss accessories.  What would a vintage suit be without accessories?  Those hats are just mind blowing!  Look how perfect the hair is? 

1934 ladies, quite an interesting suit!

Gosh, if I could find a suit just like above this I'd swipe it in a heart beat!  $40 back then was quite some cash.


  1. I think that what catch my eyes the most on these pictures is not suits... that's HATS!!!!
    40's hats are just stuning!
    I love suits as well but don't wear them often, they are not really comfy for an everyday life.

  2. Dear Joanna, I so adore the great passion for vintage suits that you have. It is inspiring - and educational (I've learned so many neat facts about classic suit designers and their wares from your wonderful posts). The way that you eloquent way you describe the veil of glamour (tell me that wouldn't make for a stellar book title) that follows when you find a vintage suit that fits you to a tee is so spot on and true - and one can tell that it radiates through in photographs when you wear your stunning vintage suits, my sweet friend.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is such a fun series idea! Can't wait to see the accessories, hats, gloves, etc. that go along too!

  4. Love! I never in a million years expected to find a vintage suit that would fit me (being that my shoulders, bust, waist and hips all belong to different sizes) but I found a fabulous pink velvet 50s suit for a steal. There is something so magical about a fabulous vintage suit. :) Can't wait for more of this series!

  5. They are all so perfect! Would love to make my own suit one day.

    1. I'm quite sure you will make just the most fabulous suit!!

  6. I love each and every one of these suits, they are all so beautiful! I especially love the buttons on the second image - I can't quite make out what they are (don't ask me why, but at first glance I thought they were lobsters!), but they are very unique looking.

    1. I bet they are:) I'll have to pull out the picture. Schiaparelli vibes all the way:) Now how fun is that to walk around with lobster buttons.

  7. Suits from the late '30s and early '40s are my favorites. So stylish and the hats are fantastic!

  8. I wish modern designers would bring back some of these lovely styles. I love the full skirt with the fitted jacket.


  9. These hats are fantastic! I love how they conceal the forehead.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I just love this time period for style!