Monday, November 18, 2013

A Day In The City And A Lilli Ann Addition

I don't get into the city too often because it can be quite a hike.  I used to work in the city and loved strolling the streets but that was many years ago, time flys.  So, it was with enthusiasm that I ventured into NYC to see The Rockettes.  I highly recommend this show.  We had a great time and it also gave me the opportunity to wear my latest Lilli Ann acquisition, a charming 1950s plaid-princess coat.  This is certainly a timeless piece and the print is just splendid.  I think it might be missing one button but you know for the price I paid for it, who cares?:)    I thought about making or having made another button and taking it off the inside hem but then I wouldn't want the inside hem to start unravelling because of the missing button area.  I'll have to think more about what to do.  I haven't seen this particular style around too often.

I've seen one with a belt but I'm not sure the one I have was even supposed to have the belt as there are no loops on this coat.  Regardless, it is a wonderful coat and I enjoy wearing it.

My hair started the day off rather nice and curly.  I used hot sticks and quite like them but I don't think I put in enough hair spray because by a couple hours later my curls started to dissipate:)

Outfit Details:

50's Lilli Ann Plaid Princess Coat -recent acquisition
50's blouse (even with the higher waisted skirt this blouse didn't have much length to tuck in. I was a bit surprised by this but still a nice blouse.)
50's high waist black skirt (from a suit) with a lovely side metal zipper.  I highly recommend buying vintage suits on the cheap (especially black) as you also can find great use for the skirts.
Rhinestone screw-back earrings (I'm thinking I much prefer screw-back to clip-on, at least you can control the strength, they should bring these back:)  I have some clip-on earrings that I can't wear for very long because they just press too hard on my ears.
Shoes: Pas De Rouge on sale,  awesome walking shoes.  I don't think they have my style anymore.

Waiting on the tracks for the train:

In the city, how fun to be able to skate in Rockefeller Plaza, the tree wasn't quite ready yet:

I know I've shared the restroom decor in Radio City before but I had to share it again as it's so remarkable.  The ladies restroom in Radio City screams old school glamour with the little tables that you can quite imagine charming ladies applied their makeup at and chatting about how lovely each other's outfits are with a cocktail in one hand and a lipstick tube in another.  I didn't get the seat count but it was quite impressive the number of little chairs and seats in this lounge area seats on both sides of the room.  Very art deco and so glad they have kept this piece of history.

A picture of the lovely ladies in their wonderful outfits, a very festive show:


  1. What a lovely coat!!! Having nice coat is a must when we live in places where winter are cold, most of the time, nobody will know what you have underneath!!!
    Your pictures makes me thought about our past trips to NYC, we spent so much fun times there!

  2. You can´t go wrong with a piece of Lilli Ann :-) Great cut, beautiful colors!

  3. That restroom is so glamorous, wish more were like that now. Lovely coat, such a good shape.

  4. How fun! One day I must get to NY!


  5. What a divine coat! You look stunning as usual and it looks like you had a wonderful day in the city. I dream of visiting NY - one day!

  6. Oh thank you, I really love this coat. But, I do think I must find a way to add a button:) It's a grand coat.

  7. I'm not sure I can handle how fabulous this coat is! And so perfectly you too!

    Ah, there's nothing quite like autumn and winter in NYC. I went for Thanksgiving one year and saw the Rockettes. It was pretty spectacular.


  8. That is amazing. Its vintage and its 'on trend' (although I hate that term). I've started accumulating vintage suits as a result of seeing your collection (I'm so jealous!) and I do find having the extra skirts useful - its a good tip.

    1. Thank you for your very lovely comment. I'm thrilled I could make an impact onto your love of vintage suits. You made my day. Thanks!

  9. That coast is captivatingly elegant, yet in no way devoid of a bit of charming fun, either (not, of course, that the two are always mutually exclusive). I love how perfectly suited its palette is fall. Excellent find, dear Joanna!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. What a perfect color and design for an autumn coat!

  11. Just beautiful! I really need to invest in a suit. I've never owned one, so I haven't been able to utilize their usefulness.

  12. Holy smokes check that Lilli Ann princess coat out! Gosh your taste is superb!

    I love your hair in the first picture. Such a good set!

    Did you go ice skating?

    The restroom photos reminder me of the ladies room at the Cicada Club. Gorgeous!!

  13. all the lovely lilli ann pieces of the world must be in your wardrobe now! wow. this plaid coat is adorable!