Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Big Four May 1955

I thought this was a cute, smart article about the four top supermodels from a May 1955 photography magazine.

Here are some excerpts front his article:

"The four highest paid fashion models- worth together $200 an hours and appearing regularly in countless magazines had never been photographed together."

"Their working hours are generally 10 to 4:20, with double-time for overtime to discourage clients from interfering with the girls' private lives.  All four are married:  Barbara Mullen designs interiors and washes dishes as charity work for a hospital, Evelyn Tripp lives and works on a farm in New Jersey,  Jean Patchett plays golf, Dovima Horan likes to go to Europe on short notice."

"When I asked them about getting together for a picture, they thought it was a great idea -and were willing to donate their valuable overtime.  But it took more than a hundred phone calls and fifty-odd alternate schedules...before all four could agree on a date."

"Most startling was Dovima Horan, whose purple-shadowed eyes were set of by dead-white face makeup' Patchett's renowned beauty mark showed to good advantage; Mullen's hair was in studied disarray (later slicked down for the color photos); Evelyn Tripp was windblown and demure."

"At 5:30 Evelyn Tripp rose sedately and announced that she had to make the 5:57 to New Jersey.  The others broke into conversation: "I don't know what to give my husband for dinner...I hope I can make the supermarket before it closes." Etc.  They're women, you know."


  1. I love this! Just wish there were more color photographs. And also that there was more about their work and less about them cooking for their husbands. Alas, I'm asking too much.

    1. So "50's" isn't it?:) I wish there would have been more to the article too. I think what I found the most interesting was their working hours. I have to imagine that this can't really be the norm because I had heard that there were a lot of times when dresses had to be photographed before opening hours of the couture boutiques. Interesting article none the less:)

  2. Interesting and great photos. Don't like his tone though, especially the last sentence.

  3. Different world eh? It was funny I was just watching this movie from the late 50s the other day and in it was a perverted old boss who got away with pinching the women's bums every chance he got it. You can quite imagine that many bosses got away with this back then.

  4. This is magnificent! I love how "real" (aka, not insanely inflated) their salaries were. Yes, they were more than many people, especially women earned at the time, but they weren't crazy high by any means. I tell you, I certainly couldn't imagine any one of these four classic 1950s beauties uttering the mid-century equivalent of Linda Evangelista's infamous line about never getting out of bed for less than ten grand!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. How interesting! I only knew of two of these models, so this was fun to find out!