Thursday, December 5, 2013

1950s Wrap Dresses

I've been thinking that I would like a wool wrap dress from the early 50's.  I'm now going to put it on my collecting radar.  But, the problem is, I want it to look like a Dior, Balmain, Fath, etc.   So, my expectations are quite high.  There is just something so captivating, harmonious, and majestic about a perfectly draped wool dress that makes you stop twice to revel in the details.

I thought I'd share some of these glamourous dresses.  This gives an idea of the vision I have in trying to find my future dress.   I see a lot of vintage suits on the market but I do not see very many wool wrap  dresses with angular features and draping effects.  You see a lot of "wiggle" dresses but not ones that drape and twist.   There is a mastery and art to this type of look.   I'm hoping I can find this gem under the radar.   Now, if I could only transport myself back to 1952/1953 for a day to pick up one of these gems with today's money value at a 1950s price point, I'd be quite set.

I'm also working on a post about my BEST acquisition of the year (and no, it isn't a Lilli Ann).  So stay tuned, it's taking me longer than I anticipated to write up because I keep drifting off and finding interesting things to explore.


I know these are suits, but check out the wrap around details, 1951


Aren't they just grand?  Do you have a favorite?  Above images are all from L'Officiel Magazine.

Some patterns of Paris Original's that I've quite liked:

An auction for a Dior that went for $5,500 and estimate was $600 haha.  I'm thinking a museum or a celebrity bought  this one but check out the lovely wrap effect in the center.  Posted about here.


  1. Fingers crossed! I love the dresses on pic 1, 6 and 10. Shopping would be much easier for me some decades ago :-)

  2. So pretty! I'm working an a wool dress with some great draping detail right now. It's early 40s not early 50s but I can't wait to wear it!

  3. I like the architectural type details in these dresses. They are all gorgeous but the ones by Schiaparelli are particularly stunning. Good luck in your hunt.

  4. I can picture you in anyone of these fetchingly fantastic curve hugging frocks as easily as I can Annie running after a tennis ball if I were to toss one right now. Seriously though, you really would look so awesomely elegant and gorgeous in a classic wool wrap dress like this and I really hope that your hunt for precisely the right one is fruitful. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help on that front, my dear friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you dear Jessica:) There is just something extra-special about the way these dresses are draped and folded. They really are true works of art.

  5. Wrap dresses from any era are a must-have.