Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hair Net Giveaway Additional Details

In the last blogpost, I mentioned a giveaway of five hair nets to five different DVM readers.  Please see the last post to enter your name into, if you'd like to participate.

It occurred to me after your responses from the last post, that the interior contents might be just as interesting to you.  

It is kind of a little bazaar to think of these caps as human hair (although rayon was also used)  but think about all these ladies with extensions and wigs made of human hair today so what's really wrong with a hair net of human hair?  Interesting idea eh?  Also amazingly interesting how someone was weaving these into a cap!

My selection of rayon hair nets is very limited and most are human hair, which is also very fascinating so if you'd like to participate please assume you'll receive human hair.  I think you might find the human hair to blend in better anyways and it is much more light weight.

Elite Hair Net 1946 human hair. Dark brown pictured also available in medium brown, light brown and black.

Venida Hair Net (human hair made by hand) light brown.  No date thinking pre-war

Unicum Invisible Rayon Hair Net in Black 


Rayon Hair Net White Vogue in white.  I wonder in what ways you would utilize white.  Unless it was for older ladies?

1943 ladies!

Remember if you'd like a chance at one of these hairnets you must leave a response in the previous blog entry and you blog about your experiences.  Good luck!


  1. How very lovely! I like that the white one would stand out a bit (from one's own hair colour, I mean) like a snood (unless you had white or exceedingly light blonde hair).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Having dressed and styled my hair for several different time periods, using human hair to achieve a particular look doesn't bother me. I've saved hair from my hair brush to make "rats" that are then used to pad my hair - to get the height for a 1760s hairstyle for example. These hair nets are really fascinating. And the colorful packaging is just beautiful!
    By the way, the white hair net I mentioned earlier I know came from a lady with white hair. She was very particular about her looks so I know she bought because it matched her hair!

  3. These are beautiful. Like many people my age, I associate hair nets with fast-food workers. Those are far too nice to wear for slinging burgers.

    I can't enter as I'm deathly allergic to rubber which shows up in most old elastic, but I'm really eager to see how people wear them. Human hair doesn't bother me, I'm not sure why it would anyone else. I'm sure it was sterilised/reinforced/coated really well in the manufacturing process. Anyway, what a really neat thing-can't wait to see how they look.