Monday, July 28, 2014

Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress -Participation Details

Hi ladies,

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in California/Nevada.  I'll be doing a blog post hopefully later in the week.  Catching up with events...

Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress -Details

There are 15  lovely participants and I've sent out an email.  If you expressed interest and did not get an email, please let me know.  After I get all addresses back, I'll set up a plan of action where you have one and a half weeks to photograph and one week to mail.  Of course, if you  finish early, please mail the dress on.  Or if the dress isn't for you, please also feel free to mail on.

We will start in the USA, then to Canada, then overseas.

The dress is very excited to see what you all do with her.  Also, if it doesn't fit you quite right, please feel free to just pass on.

I'm also adding some bonuses to the pot, besides a chance to win the dress we are going to have three other prizes, if someone wins in two categories they will pick one and the runner up will win the next prize.  

I'm going to make these very awesome prizes because I'm so happy that you all will be participating so expect Bakelite and some designer accessories as winning tokens!

I haven't gotten the prize packages together but after the dress has made it's journey we will have voting take place (You cannot vote for yourself:)

Just so you can prepare mentally for the categories here they are...

1.  Best Use of Accessories

2.  Best Location Shoot

3.  Best Zoolander Pose  (choose any pose you like from the film)

You can of course, try for all three but as stated above there will be three separate winners.

So fun!  Also, please remember to email me when you blog post so I can keep track to link it back at the end for winners


  1. I am off to practice my Zoolander face, get ready.

    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  2. i've never seen zoolander, but i will definitely be trying for the other two. i have a few great spots around town that would be great!

  3. So the other day in a massive vintage sale here in Toronto I found the sister of this dress! Same pattern on the fabric, same cut, but the self-fabric buttons had been replaced with little plastic ones. I wanted to buy it but it was a bit too big for me and I couldn't justify the expense (what with all the other lovely '30s, '40s, and '50s pieces I was walking away with for less). Just thought it would be nice to mention that a twin is floating around somewhere :)

    1. Oh I do wish you would have taken a picture, it's so nice this dress had (has) a sister!

    2. I wish I had, now, too! I didn't even realize it until I got back to the computer to check the looks of this one!

  4. Hmm... the Blue Steel pose or the Ferrari?

  5. Well I for one can't wait to see everyone's Zoolander shots. Great idea, Joanna!

  6. Best Zoolander pose! Yes! Haha! So excited to see everyone's photos and to be a part of the fun!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. So excited to see what everyone will do with the dress! This is a fabulous event.

  8. Oooh, this sounds exciting! I can't wait what everyone will come up with the dress. Clever idea.

    Greetings from