Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress - First Round - Thinking About Accessories?

This is where the tale of the dress will begin.  Who knows the odysseys it will take  and the stories it may have to tell?   

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress  

If you would like to join in the journey of the dress here as it will embark upon its USA tour and then off to international destinations, please see the link above.  Options to enter will close July 25th. If you want to enter, don't post here but in the original instructional information noted just above.   I so wish I could join the dress!    

I originally was going to bring this dress on vacation with me but I don't have much suitcase space and I know that this hat could not come with me.   I thought I might share how I would accessorize with things I already have.  I do think if I were to purchase something to go with the dress it would have been shell related as the print of this dress is really quite lovely.

After I set up this journey for this dress, I thought that there was something missing for me other than the bust area being a bit too big and I figured out that for me, it needed a bit of crinoline to flare it out.  So, in these photographs I am wearing crinoline.  I think for my personal preference I could even have had a fluffier under skirt. 

It will be so interesting how all you ladies interpret this dress.  I bought this dress in a vintage shop in Connecticut, Vintage Virtuosa.  I am thinking that the lovely lady who also made this dress was from Connecticut.  I assume this dress began its life in Connecticut and is now in New York.   We shall see all the wonderful places it now gets to travel.

I must say in the next couple of pictures that I am kind of holding the back of the dress a bit so don't worry ladies about thinking it might be too small.  Please check the measurements in the previous post.

I thought I might share some different hats I have that went well with the dress.  The black ribbon hat is from the 1930s purchased from Wildfell Hall Vintage and I believe the other hat is from the 1950s.

I felt I would give this dress "I'm going on a vacation." type of look.

In the end, I think I quite like this dress with the straw hat accented with the black velvet ribbon.

And, if I were to step back in time, here is an image I would have inserted into my photo album.  If we think about it now, photo albums are becoming a thing of the past too.

So, here begins the journey of the traveling dress.   I look forward to seeing all the blog posts of those who enter and if you are on instagram #sisterhoodofthevintagedress is where you can also post and see images of this dress.


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing the travels of this dress! It looks great in these photos and I love the hat you've chosen to go with it. Thanks for showing the other one too, though, it is a very fascinating and inspiring hat!

  2. I like seeing how you have accessorised the dress. It is going to be so interesting seeing where it ends up travelling to.

  3. I love the idea of the dress travelling around! It's such a lovely dress.

  4. The hat is a great fit with it, and I love those leather gloves. This is a 30s inflected vibe that I really like. I can't wait to get my turn with the dress! This is going to be so much fun.

  5. The dress seemed so casual in the last post (not quite a housedress, but close) and here with the addition of a hat and petticoat the entire impact had changed. I can't wait to see what everyone does with it.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing the travels of this dress too! It's such a lovely print. I think I have a shell belt that could work well with it although I can't remember what color it is at the moment. Can't wait to see what everyone does with it. :)

  7. These photos are gorgeous! I'm so excited to follow all the travels the dress will take, and to see how each lovely lady accessorizes it. Gotta say your gloves and glasses are perfection! Beautiful!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn