Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sisterhood of The Traveling Vintage Dress - Australia

Hello all, our lovely dress is still in Australia, then it will make it's final round to Canada.  Boy, has this dress been a lot of places!  I wanted to post a couple more updates to where our dress has been.

Sewing In The 60s 

Catherine is a 60s blogger.  How fun is it that this dress also gets to join the 60s generation!! She looks so very lovely in this dress style with a brown belt, and floppy felt hat.   Love it!  Thanks Catherine!  Go check out her fun blog for more images of our wonderful dress!  I love the mod dresses she has made!

The dress also had a grand time with Judy.  Judy doesn't have a blog but we are so happy to have her join us here.   These images were from her front garden in Australia last month.  It's fall in Australia.  So this dress actually gets to see a lot of fall weather:)   

Judy styled the dress with a turtle neck underneath.  So you see our magical traveling dress can even be worn in cold weather!  Thank you Judy.  

Details of outfit:

The Travelling Dress
Wool long sleeved top:   no idea what brand or where I got it as it has been a wardrobe staple for years
Belt:                      Zara but purchased in an op-shop (thrift shop)
Boots:                  Sandler (Australian shoe brand), retail
Handbag:             vintage, acquired at a vintage market (this was its first outing!)
Bangles:               yellow, one of the lovely gifts accompanying The Travelling Dress
                              brass, acquired at a Trash & Treasure market about 25 years ago

Thank you lovely ladies for being apart of the vintage dress travels!


  1. It's awesome that even some folks without blogs are taking part. I often try to remember (and remind others) that not all vintage lovers have blogs or even necessarily large online presences and that we should try to include such folks still in our lovely little community as much as possible. It warms my heart to know that this dress was able to do just that.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Cool beans, Catherine!
    I love the way you gave the dress a 60's styling.

    Judy, I'm in possession of the exact same vintage lizard bag, and haven't worn it yet for lack of ideas how. You've given me some great inspiration.

    1. Pleased to be able to provide you inspiration Goody! While I adore vintage bags and have a substantial collection, they are not the most useful as they are invariably petite. So I am trying to minimize the stuff I lug about to be able to carry my gorgeous vintage bags. They are invariably conversation starters ;)

  3. Hey I'm on the internet! And look at the company I am in! How exciting! Thank you Joanna for co-ordinating the Sisterhood of the Traveling Vintage Dress. It has been fabulous to see The Frock pop up on blogs and IG and the different ways it has been styled.

  4. Yay! I'm loving seeing the dress in Australia. Catherine and Judy both look fabulous :) I completely agree with Jessica that it is so nice to see that not only bloggers are taking part.

  5. Australia is rocking the lovely dress! I love both fall inspired outfits!

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  7. Your 1960s dresses with patterns are so nice, thank you for sharing:)

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