Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sisterhood Of The Vintage Dress Australia and New Zealand

Here is an update on the Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress:)  We will pick up one more turn on the dress in the spring where it will make its way to Canada.  You can check the side bar for our other lovely ladies modeling the dress under the label "Sisterhood of The Vintage Dress"

Brook of the fabulous Missbandthebygones.   The dress took a nice adventure in Melborne to a beautiful cottage built around 1915 and also Little Miss got to be apart of the adventure:)   Can I say how well the coat goes with the dress?  So meant to be.  Beautiful.  Also, check out her blog to see pictures of "Little Miss".  :)

The lovely Angela at Mermaid's Purse in wonderful New Zealand took the dress for whirl:)  She accented the dress with a lovely belt and did quite some twirls:)  These really have been exciting adventures.  Thank you Angela.

Angela and our traveling dress.

Blog:  Mermaid's Purse


  1. It's marvelous to see the dress continue its exciting journey around the world and to know that it will wind its way up here come the return (hopefully! :)) of sunshine in the spring. Yippee!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Glad to see the dress made it to the antipodes. Hasn't this been a fascinating project?

    Do hope all is well in your world-miss you, and was thinking of you as I shopped for a princess coat (which I do NOT need, but whatever).

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