Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's The Matching Girls

I love it when I see matching ensembles.  Here are a few ideas some cheap some a viewing pleasure:

Etsy  1950's Polka Dot  Love it!

Very cool website called Modbag.  They have some really interesting pieces probably  more for the viewing pleasure:)
Andrew Geller matching bag and shoes:

Or how about this matching gloves with a bag at Dorothea's Closet?  This is not too badly priced at $90:

Look at this one on ebay right now, so cute and with new shoes to boot! :

Hey Lisa, this one's got your name on matching shoes but it's made from lovely is that!

Talk about a really matching set...look at this one ..

This item sold at Sydney's Vintage but still really cool!

I love this set and very nicely priced at $60 but my foot is too wide or I'd snap it up.   Check it out!  You get a bag, MJ shoes, and a belt.

I showed this one before this would be what I would love in a matching shoe and bag ensemble on etsy:


  1. Joanna...that's funny...what a cute bag!

  2. You have some really rich combinations here. I never wear red, white, and blue but it really does something to my memory banks when I see it. I must have worn a ton of it in the late 60's or early 70's.

  3. Wowza!!! Love that polka dot set. I adore polka dots and even had many pairs of polka dot shoes, but none with a matching bag. :(

  4. I adore matching sets they are so special!

  5. Love the polka dots! So cute.