Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Vogue Adventures

Brrr, it's cold outside today.  I wore my Lilli Ann coat outside to the bus stop today.  It's hard to believe that it is over 50 years old and looks like new.  The pockets are free of holes and I am free to carry some change or a key if I like.<smile>  Have any of you wore your coats so much that you had to be careful which pocket to put things in and were too lazy to stitch it up or kept forgetting until you put the coat on?  Ha ha, I admit it, I have.

There haven't been many days with the crisp warm autumn sunshine.  I'm hoping we get a few in before it gets really cold!  I'm getting the ol' vitamin D out and starting to take this.  I already miss the warm days.  Today, I'm getting myself down into the basement where I have a sewing machine to work on fixing up a beautiful very art deco dress I bought off of ebay.  It is going to be perfect for next week's shoot.  There are a few seams that need to be redone and a couple tears to patch up and it will look like it did 60 years ago:) <Well, hopefully:)>

Since we are also on the theme of "Within The Pages of Vogue".  I figured this would also be a great opportunity to share this article from the New York Times from 1940.   I have an issue of Vogue from September of 1940 and buried within the pages was this article on Schiaparelli from The New York Times.  I love it when you find these neat surprises from past owners.  The lady who once owned this magazine also liked Schiaparelli enough to cut out an ad and place it inside a Vogue magazine.  I believe you can click on the article to enlarge.  Imagine how much these suits would go for today?
I just noticed that not one of these ladies is smiling.   They all look so serious but totally glamourous.

Hattie Carnegie on the cover 1940.  This is a great issue.

Some images from within:


  1. Oh my lawdy...those dresses and colors and ohhhhhhhhhhh where is a time machine when you need one!!! xox

  2. What sublimely gorgeous styles! I almost always favour longer skirt lengths, and few eras did ankle grazing lengths better than the late 30s/very early 40s. It's so neat that you found an article tucked into a vintage Vogue! I've picked up vintage cookbooks that had other recipes (printed and handwritten alike) nestled amongst the pages, but don't think I've found anything hiding in a vintage magazine yet. Have you encountered that on other occasions, too?

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hey! She sold my ocelot muff!
    And dear HEAVEN how I want to own that fox fur set from Neiman Marcus. DIVINITY.